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The XML direct debit file has been rejected by the bank. What should you do?

First check that you have sent the right file to the bank. It is possible to confuse camt reject files with direct debit xml files. Also check that the ICS number you have sent us is the correct one. Once these two checks have been made, you can contact our support department for a more in-depth investigation.

A Warning appears on the line of your rejects file... What should you do?

This is because the reject file was loaded into the interface before the direct debit batch was finalised at the bank. The rejects are indeed indicated in the software, but they have no direct debit to which they can be attached.

To solve this problem, follow these steps:

1. Complete the direct debit file concerned by the rejection.


2. Refresh the rejected direct debit file.

3. Apply/Validate the penalties as usual.

How to check which active clients do not have a mandate?

The list of blocking keywords is used to identify active members who do not have a mandate and who should be paying by direct debit (but will not be able to do so).


You can also use this list to see which members are in debt and will certainly be excluded from the files if you choose to exclude 'members in debt', which members have a missing or overdue deposit, a stored credit card that is about to expire, suspended direct debits or bookings and other blocking alerts.

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