Xplor Gym to Technogym integration guide📒

Ready to enhance your members' club experience with Technogym/Xplor Gym integration?

This article explains the various stages and points to consider at the time of integration and afterwards.

xplor_icon_move-with-purpose_xplorangeTECHNOGYM & XPLOR GYM: UNDERSTANDING THE INTEGRATION

Equipment, performance monitoring and community

As well as supplying fitness equipment and machines, Technogym provides its users, the members of your club, with an activity-tracking application called ‘MyWellness’. Using this application, members can keep track of the calories they burn, as well as community functions.

The following sections describe the Xplor Gym-related functionalities available when the integration is complete...

Xplor Gym access QR code available from the MyWellness app

From the MyWellness application, members can find their QR code to access the club. The QR code works offline.

⚠️Please note that the Xplor Gym QR code will take some time to regenerate.

Class bookings and online shop

The MyWellness application provides access to the Xplor Gym schedule and online shop. Members can book classes and buy products and services from the online shop.


Identification on Technogym machines using Xplor Gym's RFID entry pass

Thanks to the RFID entry pass linked to the Xplor Gym customer account, members can activate Technogym machines and record their performance on them.

Specific features and Xplor Gym tags 

With Technogym groups, you can give your members access to certain activities or exclusive features. Thanks to Xplor Gym tags, you can segment users directly according to the memberships they have taken out, and the link with exclusive features or activities can be configured!


This segmentation is synchronised with the contact tags on the Xplor Gym side. Example: If a member has the tag bikingPremium and the group of the same name exists on the MyWellness side, then once the user is synchronised on Technogym, he or she will belong to the appropriate group.


⚠️QR code of the application & QR codes of machines

  • The QR code present in MyWellness application is the one which is integrated by Xplor Gym and allows to access to the club. 
  • The QR codes present on Technogym machines can be flashed, to activate performance recording and visualise the operation of a particular machine.


What data does Xplor Gym send to Technogym?🌐​

- First name
- Name
- Email
- Gender
- Tags linked to the membership 
- Date of birth
- Photo
- Date of the last entry 
- Membership: with start date and end date if cancellation or fixed-term
- Packs (if no membership)
- Entry pass

What data does Technogym recover from Xplor Gym?🌐​

QR codes



Step 1 - Provide Xplor Gym with the authorisation to share data. 

First of all, you need to complete the Xplor Gym data sharing authorisation attached to this article. During integration, Technogym will retrieve information such as the member's surname, first name and membership.

The disclaimer must therefore be completed and signed by the club or franchise manager. It should then be returned to your Xplor Gym consultant.



Step 2 - Some actions to take on MyWellness application.

🚩Determine mywellness@resamania.fr as an administrator (required)

1) In order to successfully integrate you, the Technogym team needs "staff" access to mywellness@resamania.fr in Mywellness Pro. It is your responsibility to create this access. To do this, follow the steps below...

📍Step 1 - Create a staff member.

From People > Staff members > +

image (79).png

📍Step 2 - Complete the fields

The most important field is 'E-mail'.
image (80).png

📍Step 3- Validate the detected profile. 

Use the e-mail address given above to find the Xplor Gym team profile and click on 'Use this one'.



🚩Tick the box that allows data to be collected

From the My Wellness application, go to Configuration > Facility > Privacy and Security > Check this box:

🚩Determine the groups in My Wellness (not required, but recommended)

Thanks to the group system, you can give your members access to certain functions in the Technogym application. Groups are created in the Technogym application using the keywords of the memberships or membership bolt-ons from Xplor Gym.

There are two cases to consider when creating groups:

  • Case 1 - Before integration, the catalogue with memberships and membership bolt-ons has already been created in Xplor Gym. In this case, don't worry, the tags (keywords) will be retrieved by Technogym during integration. (recommended)
  • Case 2 - Otherwise, the groups created manually in Technogym will have to have the same name as the Xplor Gym tags. Otherwise, they will not be integrated correctly. To find out how to do this, follow these steps...

For case 2, you will need to create the groups manually from the Technogym application:

📍Step 1 - Go to Automation > Groups > Select « New Group ».

image (81).png

📍Step 2 - The group name must be exactly the same as the Xplor Gym tag and the selected allocation mode must be 'Manual'.

image (82).png

Step 3 - Transmit information from Technogym to Xplor Gym.

Technogym must provide you with the following information:

  • API Key
  • Facility Name
  • Facility URL
  • SSO secret key

They should then be sent to your Xplor Gym consultant.


Step 4 - Determine the activation strategy for dormant members.

Your club may have dormant (inactive) members that you may not want to 'wake up'. When Technogym is integrated into your club via Xplor Gym, members will receive an email inviting them to connect to Technogym's MyWellness application.

To do this, we suggest you set two parameters to better target account activation if you want to avoid 'waking up' dormant accounts:

  • The number of months' seniority: After how many months would you prefer the member not to be activated?
  • The date since which the member has not visited the club: By what date (inclusive) would you prefer the member not to be activated?
We remind you that even if a member is considered inactive according to these criteria, you will still be able to activate their account manually if necessary.

Let us know which two parameters you would like to use or if you would like to send an email to all your active members to activate their accounts, regardless of how long they have been with us or how long it has been since they last visited.

Prospects and former members

Prospects and former members are never synchronised on Technogym. For prospects, this will be the subject of a future development.


Step 5 - Activate the SSO.
  • The Xplor Gym team will send you a URL to enter in the MyWellness application under "Website".


  • You then need to test the SSOS by logging on to the MyWellness area of one of the club's members and going to the Planning and Member Area section. The page that should appear here is that of the Xplor Gym member area.


xplor_icon_move-with-purpose_xplorangeSOLVING THE MOST COMMON PROBLEMS

Here are some sources of synchronisation or activation problems and how to solve them:

Error 'Can not create a facility user'

To correct this synchronisation problem, go to pro.mywellness > Configuration > Facility > Privacy and Security > Tick this box:

Members under 4 years of age are not synchronised.
This is normal. Technogym does not authorise synchronisations for members under 4 years of age.
If too many changes have been made to a file, synchronisation may freeze.
If you have changed the client's surname, first name or date of birth several times, this may block synchronisation. In this case, you will need to change the client's details in MyWellness to match those in Xplor Gym(Last name, First name, Gender, Date of birth).
UserID notFound when the member has been deleted from MyWellness.

Since the latest version, it is possible to force synchronisation from the member file without any problem.

Is the QR code not generated on Technogym ?

The process before contacting us is as follows:

  • Check that the member has an active QR code on Xplor Gym.
  • check that the member's membership is active. 
  • Log in to MyWellness with a member account to check that the QR code is present
The importance of the title
Without Civility, there can be no synchronisation. You must therefore ensure that it is present in Xplor Gym.
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