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Unable to detach a credit note from an invoice: why?

In this case, the following error message appears: Indeed, it is not possible to detach a credit note from an invoice when the credit note is the result of an invoice cancellation.

Solution: make a manual regulation (manual invoice or new membership with cancellation of the first).

Payment 'to be used': when ?

Overpayments are payments or overpayments that are not attached to any invoice.TO BE USED.png

Operationally, they are not expected to occur frequently, as each payment is supposed to be linked to an invoice. However, here are the few cases in which they do occur:

  • Cancel an invoice without cancelling its related payment(s). 
  • A direct debit has been sent to the bank. However, between the time it was processed (usually 48 hours) and the time it was confirmed by the bank, the membership was cancelled and the invoice to which it related was cleared by a credit note. The direct debit therefore arrived in Xplor Gym, but was considered as an 'overpayment'.
  • A payment has been created in the member file using the "Add a payment" option, but it is not attached to any invoice.
  • The payment is attached to an invoice, but the amount is greater than the amount due on the invoice.
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