How to change a member's membership? #beta test

Would a member like to change their membership? The membership change feature is just what you need. Simply integrated into the sales tunnel, once configured you can change a member's membership in just a few clicks. We explain how to do it in this article...

Feature in beta test🧪

This feature is currently in beta testing and is not yet available to all our customers.

Prerequisites - How to define your conversion offers?

First of all, you need to define which offers in the catalogue are available in the membership change process.

To do this, go to Settings > Catalogue, then create the offers that will be available when you change your membership from the price list. If the offers already exist, simply go to the price list of those concerned.

LAST 1.png

From the list of offers available when changing membership, select the three dots and then "Define as conversion offer".

define as conversion offer.png

This section appears at the bottom of the tariff information:restriction.png

Here we have two options:

  • If you tick the box, it means that this tariff will only be available if you change your membership.
  • If the box is not ticked, this means that the tariff will be available either as part of a 'classic' sale or as part of a change of membership.

Save after making a choice.

How to change a member's membership ?

Start by clicking on "Make a sale". Then go to Memberships.

Once you've clicked on Memberships, you'll see a message saying "You can convert an active membershp into a new membership".

you can.png

Useful info

Packages can also be changed if they contain memberships, so if you want to make a change involving a package, go to Packages.

The membership available for conversion appear. Click Select on the package you wish to change.

convert 2.png

Select the membership you want to replace the first one with. Here we can define the start date (and any credit to be applied to the basket for what has been paid in the current month) and the debit day.

abo actuel.png

We determine the start date of the new membership. There are several possibilities:

  • Start today: a credit note for the amount indicated will be applied to the basket according to the number of days remaining on the old membership for which the period has already been paid.
  • Start tomorrow: a credit note for the amount indicated will be applied to the basket according to the number of days remaining on the old membership for which the period has already been paid.

Start the 1st of the following months: this will not involve any credit notes, as the paid periods will have ended by then.

You then choose the day on which you wish to collect your payment, as you usually do when selling a membership.

The credit note will then be applied to the basket. In our case, the credit note is higher than the amount of the basket, so the difference will be lost for the member unless a manual credit note is recreated afterwards.

Select Proceed.

GIF change membership.gif

You can then select the mandate already present on the member file.start date.png

The member signs the new contract. sign.png Select Validate. validate.png

The sale is over. The usual sale completion screen appears. The change has been made!🎉

sale over.png

Useful info 💡

Financial Management📊

If the credit note generated at the time of the change is greater than the amount in the basket, the difference will be lost for the member. Unless you manually create a credit note at the end of the sale.

Cancellation certificate📜

  • If you use the cancellation certificate, it will appear on the sales contract for the new membership for the old membership when you sign the contract for the new membership.

Some cases related to the Family module👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • How to shift from a non Family membership to a Family membership ?

If the member has a Family membership and is the Family manager and changes to an individual membership, then the beneficiaries only lose the Family membership. The initial Family membership is considered as cancelled and so the beneficiaries are not linked to that old membership and no link is created in the new membership.

If the member is the beneficiary of a Family membership, the fact that they are not a beneficiary of the Family membership any longer must be specified in the Family file before making a new sale.

  • How to add a member to a Family membership starting the next month ?

Wait the next month to edit the membership and add the new member to the Family, as there is no start date and no end date. The change is immediate. If you wish the change to be made the next month, please make it at that moment.

  • How to shift from a Family membership with 4 possible beneficiaries to a Family membership with only 3 ?

Once the membership is changed, the 4th person must be removed from the Family membership. In all cases, if they are not removed, there will be a blocking alert for non respecting the number of beneficiaries.

Limit and Scope❌

  • We can only make one change per sale, which means that if the member has two memberships that are eligible for conversion and wants to convert both, the process will have to be carried out twice.
  • It is not possible to cancel the cancellation of the old membership resulting from an upgrade. You need to cancel the invoice for the new membership. This will cancel the new membership and reactivate the old one.
  • It is only possible to change direct debit open-ended memberships.
  • It is only possible to define an offer as a conversion offer for memberships and membership-type bundles.
  • It is possible to make the membership change available only to members with a specific tag.


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