New and Improved April 2024 Release

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For April’s release, new and improved features help you reduce late cancellations for bookings, better manage family memberships, and more.


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Late cancellations & no-shows – set up automated penalties to boost class & activity participation rates 

Many clubs struggle with members booking classes (and other activities) and then cancelling at the last minute. Or even not showing up at all. As a result, other members miss out and classes/activities don’t reach full capacity. 


To help you discourage late cancellations and no-shows, you can now automatically apply penalties (for example, a fee to pay, club access blocked, etc.). This will encourage members to give adequate notice when cancelling and open up spaces for members who can attend. 


Learn more here. 

Organise and analyse your product families by level. 

A product family is used to link products from your catalogue using product codes. 

Previously, product families had only one level. Now it is possible to organise product families on three levels. For example, if you sell food and drinks in your club you may use levels like: 

Food & Drink 



          Protein bars 

          Energy bars 

          Chocolate bars 



          Hot drinks 

          Energy drinks 


On the financial dashboard, you can view sales figures by product group level for easier analysis. 

See whether a child is allowed to leave the club alone or must be accompanied. 

If you offer family memberships and run sessions that are attended without a parent/guardian, we’ve added a new feature to help you manage this.  

In a new section of the member file, you can show whether the child is allowed to leave unaccompanied OR whether the child needs to be accompanied by a named adult. The first name and surname of the named adult(s) can be recorded in this section. 


More flexibility in creating family membership alerts. 

When creating family memberships, you’ll have specified up to what age a family member will be considered a child. For example, aged under 16 or aged under 18. 

When a child reaches this age, the membership package will need to be reviewed and changed to the best available option. Members who are part of a family will be notified that a change is needed. This notification can now be set up to show ahead of time. 




Membership upgrades/downgrades process improvement

By the end of the quarter, you’ll no longer have to cancel an existing membership and repurchase a new membership when switching a member's membership type. For example, upgrading to a more expensive membership tier. The process will be made faster and easier to manage.


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