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Regarding memberships, you may wish to implement monthly payments by Direct Debits. What information do you need before starting implementing?

picto.JPGDirect Debit day

As soon as you start implementing your club in Resamania, please inform the person in charge of implementation about the Direct Debit day(s) you wish to suggest to your members. During the sale, you may ask them to choose between the various Direct Debit days you suggested. However, please keep in mind that every month you will have to generate the batches corresponding to each Direct Debit day.

picto.JPGFirst monthly payment

When configuring your catalogue with the person in charge of implementation, please determine whether the first monthly payment will be done by Direct Debit or directly at the club.

picto.JPGChanging a Direct Debit day

You can change a Direct Debit day. You must go to the schedule of payments in the member file and click on the Direct Debit date. The date can’t be passed already. Careful

You’d better choose a Direct Debit day already generated so that the Direct Debit could be included in an XML file.

picto.JPGUnit Direct debit 

The unit Direct Debit is a non-automatic Direct Debit generated by Resamania V2. It is a payment method available during the sale like a bank card payment, cash payment or payment by cheque. It is strongly advised to choose a Direct Debit day already used for monthly files.



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