How to view clients'entries in real time ?

Xplor Gym provides a screen that enables you to see in real time the clients' entries on the different access points of the club. It is thus possible to keep an eye on the clients' entries at all times!



From the Management tab you will find the Entries menu.


 Clicking on it will reveal the following tabs:

  • Lists: from this tab, one can see a list of all completed passes as well as the status, pass allowed or blocked.
  • Club screen: this screen is the thread on which you see the members' entries, this screen is intended to be seen in internal.
  • Public screen: this screen is for the member who swipes their Entry Pass. It complies with RGPD standards on data protection.

pycto__tape.png LISTS 

By clicking on "Lists", two tabs are available, allowing you to see Which members have recently entered:

  • The List tab shows the names of past members by time and the reason why they passed or were blocked. blocking.
  • The Photos tab shows the photos of the members of this same list.



pycto__tape. pngThe CLUB SCREEN

By clicking on Club Screen, a new tab appears in the browser. 

When a member swipes their entry pass on the access control, their member file will appear on the screen.

For more on this article, I consult. this article from the help centre.


pycto__tape. pngPUBLIC SCREEN

This screen is intended to be viewable to members. It is located in the same place as the feed in the "Entries" menu, it is the "Public Screen" tab.

This screen shows the member's member file with information about their membership and packs. The member filedisappears automatically after 10 seconds.


These screens require access control. If I want to set up access control, I contact my Resamania account manager.

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