What can be controlled on the club screen ?

The club screen enables to see the members' entries in real time. At each entry, essential information about the member is displayed : name, membership or multi-visit passes, potential alerts. To find the login screen, please see this article.

pycto__tape.pngInformation constantly viewable

This information will always be displayed on the login screen.

  • Member's name and first name
  • Photo 
  • Member's status : prospect/ active member/ lost member/ excluded member  
  • Entry point and entry time 
  • The used membership to enter and its expiry date. 


Choosing the entry point 

You can choose the entry points which are displayed on this screen from the club screen settings : 



pycto__tape.pngExceptional information

Some information will be displayed only if it is added to the member file : an alert about missing information in the member file, bank account details for example. 

The last alerts appear on the right of the screen. 


pycto__tape.pngRecognizing a blocked entry and an allowed entry

If the member has an allowed entry but no alert, her/his member file is shown with a white background.


If an alert is active but non blocking, the entry background will be orange. 


If the member has no membership or valid multi-visit pass, or if an alert is blocking, the background will be red. In that case, you can still force the member's entry by clicking on 'Allow entry'. 


To know more about the different possibilities to see the members' entries in real time, please click HERE



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