What is an automated campaign?

An automated campaign is a marketing tool enabling segmented communication with your members, communication that is also contextualised, personalised and automated. In a word, you can automate the sending of emails and text messages at key moments of your members’ life in the club.

The purpose of this article is to help you write the right message at the right time, so that every member feels special

This tool both enables to win the member loyalty by providing a better customer service, and have direct commercial impact on you

Here are a few simple and non-exhaustive examples of this tool application : it enables to automatically send some personalised content for birthdays, suggest buying back booking units when a session pack is almost empty, remind the payment of arrears by suggesting on-line regularisation, or suggest to renew an expiring membership. 

The module can be configured in three steps


-> Contextualise : choosing the type of campaign and configure when it would be sent according to an action or a time period. 

-> Segment : filtering members according to criteria (gender, age, number of entries, type of membership)

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green_tick_in_a_circle.JPG2 - CUSTOMISE THE FORM AND SUBSTANCE

-> Customising the graphic aspect of emails : you may join your graphic chart to your emails sent.

-> Customising the substance : you may customise the content and include your members' names and first names to make them feel special. 

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green_tick_in_a_circle.JPG3 - ENABLE AND AUTOMATE THE SENDING

You may enable the campaign and start the automated sending in three different ways :

-> From a start date, as far as daily communications are concerned

-> From date to date, as far as promotional occasional communications are concerned.

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One-off campaigns vs automated campaigns

Automated campaigns are programmed and sent automatically to Resamania according to criteria and situations. 

For example: You want members to receive a confirmation email or text message when they subscribe to an activity from the schedule. 

One-off campaigns are sent once to members meeting certain criteria. 

For example: you want to inform members of next Saturday’s open day. 

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