Key indicators in the member file 🔍

When you open a member file, you directly get to the main information related to the member and her/his activity thanks to the tab SMARTVIEW. Straight away you can be informed about which membership this member has, how many bookings s/he has made over the last few weeks, when her/his future due dates are planned ...Etc 

picto-recherche-exhaustive.pngTO GET TO THE TAB SMARTVIEW...


Just open the member file. It opens on this tab first.

picto-recherche-exhaustive.pngHOW DOES IT WORK?

The main information about the member is provided in the SMARTVIEW tab. To get each piece of information in detail, please click on this pictogram  which can be found next to the indicator title and enables to lead to the corresponding tab in the member file. 


Here is an example of this action with the membership indicator :


picto-recherche-exhaustive.pngWHICH INFORMATION IS PROVIDED ? 

pycto__tape.pngKEY FIGURES

The 'Key figures' part will soon be activated. It will enable to have an overview on five pieces of information : your member's seniority, recency, attendance, generated turnover and current debts.



The member's memberships and packs are listed in the second part of the SmartView tab. Main information (validity date, number of units ...) are provided here. 


Next, you can see the member's memberships and packs without going from one menu to another one.


Please find below information about the financial elements.

There are the member's due dates and the number of incidents, that is to say the number of rejections you had to deal with over the past year and since the member's subscription. This way, you may know at first sight whether this member is a good client or a risky one. Finally, there is the turnover generated by that member. 


In the last block, there is information about the member's bookings and attendance. This enables to know whether the member is diligent and loyal.


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