What is a one-off campaign?

The purpose of a one-off communication campaign is to occasionally communicate with members of the club. This feature enables to send an email to all the members meeting the club’s criteria. 

The first step is to filter the member data base according to determined criteria. To learn how to do this, please read this article.

The second step consists in writing, formatting and sending the communication. This article details how. 

Example of one-off campaigns:

- Announcing the exceptional opening or closing of a club

- Message of good wishes on Christmas or New Year’s Eve

- Announcing the implementation of a new group class


One-off campaigns vs automated campaigns

Automated campaigns are programmed and sent automatically to Resamania according to criteria and situations. 

For example: You want members to receive a confirmation email or text message when they subscribe to an activity from the schedule. 

One-off campaigns are sent once to members meeting certain criteria. 

For example: you want to inform members of next Saturday’s open day. 

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