How many prospects/members/former members make the data base ?

To know how many prospects, members or former members make the data base, there are several solutions :


Export the list of all members. This export enables to visualise the main information about members whatever their status.


The downloaded file will contains each member's number, email, title, surname, first name, status, job title, club, phone number, mobile number, address, post code, town, country, badge number, last entry, godfather's surname and first name and the member's creator (user). 

Then, apply one filter per status, to select the member's status you want to visualise and to make a formula to get the number of members ( the adequate formula is NB, for example =NB(H2:H33) ).

green_tick.pngFROM ONE OFF CAMPAIGNS ...


Once in the one-off campaigns,  click on + then filter according to the club and status whose name is prospect. The list which will appear at the level of the result counts the number of results and gives the answer of the number of prospects belonging to the club.


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