What is a management export ?

Exporting management data consists in producing a report about data from the application. Reports may be issued in different file formats (csv, Excel or PDF) according to the kind of export you chose. 

Exporting management data may serve several objectives, among them are:

green_tick_in_a_green_circle.pngTo get to know your members very well to provide them the best service.

green_tick_in_a_green_circle.pngTo know about alert thresholds (cancelling, missing documents, payment rejection, etc…)

green_tick_in_a_green_circle.pngMonitoring financial and accounting numbers.

Various subjects will be broached through management exports, in the form of a chart. Once connected to Resamania, please stay on the MANAGEMENT menu to go to the screen dedicated to this feature, then go to Management exports. 

Exports are sorted by category:

green_1.pngYour last exports : exports recently made

green_2.pngAccounts : accounting book and balance

green_3.pngFinance: exports relating to numbers (sales, payments, closing, Direct Debit)

green_4.pngPoints of warning : exports enabling you to attract customers or identify bad payers

green_5.pngClub life: exports enabling you to know your members better 


With every export comes a description of the information you may find in the file once downloaded. 


To learn how to download a management export, please read this article. 

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