A member comes to pay future amounts due directly at the club. How to proceed?

A member wishes to pay the next three amounts due initially configured as Direct Debits.
This article details how to proceed.

Activating the specific feature

This feature must be activated by Resamania. To learn more about options to activate it,
please read this article. You must wait for the Direct Debit file to be generated to allocate
the credit note or the overpayment on the direct debit invoice.



You may use available credit notes or overpayments to pay future amounts due. To learn
how to do this, please read this article.

You must first provide the payment on the member file. To do this, please go to the member
file, then click on MEMBERS ACTIONS, then Add a payment.


Please then provide the means of payment and the amount of the payment.


You can view the payment from the Payment tab on the member file. An overpayment has
been generated. You must then notify to use it to pay the coming amounts due. To do this,
please click on the three small dots of the payment, and View the original payment, then
click on Use the overpayment to pay for coming amounts due.





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