The various offers in the catalogue

It is essential to configurate the club’s commercial offerings from the Resamania catalogue. The catalogue counts several categories of products meeting the different needs of the club. 

Decisions made when configurating the catalogue are meaningful. Different notions are involved: pricing, invoicing, rules, etc…

Here follow the various offers you can find in the Resamania V2 catalogue:


The purchased offer is available for a given period of time. The member may pay by Direct Debit or upfront. 


When a member owns a membership, an extra service may be offered (locker, towel, etc…). The Bolt On pricing may be in keeping with means of payment already chosen by the member. 

  • PACK

A member purchases a given number of units s/he  may use to access the club and/or the club’s activities. The pack is always paid upfront


In the shop, tangible products are sold. So, invoicing is simple and does not allow to book or access anything. Stock management can be implemented as far as shop products are concerned. 


When selling the Entry Pass, it is required to directly encode it. Then it may be assigned to a member.

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