How to create a Direct Debit membership in the catalogue?

A membership is an offer frequently proposed by clubs. Configuring this type of offer in Xplor Gym catalogue presents many pricings and access right possibilities. This article explains how to create a Direct Debit membership, that is to say a membership paid every month. If the club also offers memberships paid in full, please see this article to know how to create them. 



Once connected to Xplor Gym, click on the drop-down menu, then on “Settings” and “Catalogue”. There you will find all the products and services once they are saved.





Please click on + New membership, in blue at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A new membership window pops up. 

You can now provide the main information regarding the membership :

mceclip1.png NAME

The membership name is free. Choose as you will.

Good to know: the name will be on both the invoice and membership contract.

If you sell online, you may distinguish the membership name in the back office from the one indicated in the member file.

mceclip1.png DESCRIPTION 

The description will be viewable on the membership contract. If you need to make it viewable on the invoice, tell your onboarding or support manager.

If you sell online, you may distinguish the membership name in the back office from the name in the member file.

mceclip1.png PRODUCT CODE

If your chart of accounts has not been configured yet in the application (please ask your Xplor Gym interlocutor), please do not fill this field. Once the membership is saved, a code will automatically be issued. It will enable to retrieve the accounting line of the next chart of accounts, if needed.
If no accounting configuration has yet been implemented, please leave this field out. If there has, please follow instructions by Xplor Gym to complete it.

mceclip1.png KEYWORD

The keyword is essential to the application. It may be encountered in the catalogue, as well as in other modules such as booking rights, access control and communication. In fact, the keyword grants access and booking rights to the member. 

Implementing three keywords when configuring a membership is the best possible way:

- one keyword corresponding to booking. With it, a membership granting access to yoga classes can be distinguish from a membership granting access to Pilates classes. Or else, a membership granting access to three activities a week can be distinguished from another granting unlimited access. 

- one keyword corresponding to access control.

- one corresponding to communication.

mceclip1.png PERIOD 

Please specify here how long the membership will be valid. .

CAUTION – membership period vs price-related engagement period

You can provide a price-related engagement period (see step 3 of this article). If you do not, the engagement period will correspond to the membership period provided in the first tab. 

If the price-related engagement period were longer than the membership period, then the engagement period would prevail.


Once the membership contract templates have been configured with your Xplor Gym interlocutor, you will be able to find them here and configure them according to various memberships. It will be available and completed after each sale to the client.


You can configure a contract template according to the membership or according to a price. If you still do not have any contract template, you can directly reach your Resamania interlocutor.



You may decide here whether or not the client will become a member when selling the membership, or whether s/he will remain a prospect (it mostly concerns test sessions as memberships are rarely concerned by clients not shifting to a member status).


If you do not want the membership you have created to be viewed in the statistics of the dashboard, please tick the box "Ignore this membership in the statistics of the dashboard". In this case, the membership will not be considered in the stats of the dashboard but will stay in the dead lists (the indicators of the dashboard concerned are the indicators of the memberships coming to the end and the terminations).




After filling in the fields in the Membership tab, please click on the Price tab, then on + Add a payment offer. Please choose the Payment by Direct Debit mode. 

The next step is renaming the price. it is important to avoid multiplying membership offers. Then, determine the including all taxes offer rate and the VAT. By default, the VAT is equal to 20 percent but different rates are available. 

Then choose the following components of the price:


Will the membership be automatically renewed at the end of the membership period? If it is, select YES in the drop-down menu.


By default, the membership will be paid on a monthly basis.


1st case: first monthly payment to pro rata basis only


During the sale, the member will pay the prorated number of days consumed during the first month.

Example: the membership starts on 16th January. During the sale, the member will pay his/her prorated consumption over the month and will be debited the next month of a whole month.

2nd case: first monthly payment to prorated level


During the sale, according to the day in the month on which the membership starts, the member will pay the agreed price. Then, he/she will be debited the next month of a whole payment. 

Example: the membership starts on 16th January. The member will pay £10 during the sale, so the next month he will be debited of a whole month.

3rd case: the first month is billed and/or paid in addition to pro rata.


Here the prorated level (see 1st and 2nd case) will be paid during the sale and the first monthly payment will be invoiced in its entirety. You can also decide by ticking the second box “first monthly payment paid during the sale” to charge this full first month in addition to pro rata.

4th case: invoicing from date to date, nothing is charged during the sale.


The member won’t pay anything during the sale and will be directly debited on the closest Direct Debit due day following the day on which the membership starts.

5th case: invoicing from date to date, the first month is paid in full during the sale


The member will pay the first month during the sale and then will be debited.

CAUTION – in certain cases, the member may be debited at the end of the month

The client arrives on the 6th January and the Direct Debit due day is on the 5th

The client’s monthly payment goes from the 6th January to the 6th February. So, s/he will be debited for the first time on the next closest Direct Debit due day, that is on the 5th March..


In the case of a membership with automatic renewal, you can choose a price-related engagement period.


If you do not provide a price-related engagement date, the engagement period will correspond to the end date of the membership (as indicated in the 1st tab of the membership)

To add a price-related engagement period, click on the three dots of the price and then on Add an engagement period..


The customisable option appears at the ending. You can then determine the engagement period.


The member won’t be allowed to cancel before six months in this case. If you wish to cancel despite the engagement, contact Xplor Gym.



Again, in the Price tab of the membership, various information and restrictions are available when clicking on the three dots. You may, if you wish, add manifold features, information and restrictions to the price. 


Price options 

Add a promotional period: to use only if you want the member to pay less during the first months before paying the standard price. If the pro rata mode is on, the member will pay the prorated price calculated according to a standard monthly payment. Then the promotional amount will apply on the first whole month. 


You can add several promotional periods


Here is a membership with a two-month monthly payment of £9,90. Then a two-month monthly payment of £19,90, and finally £29,90 per month for the remaining months.

Add booking fees: they are automatically added when adding the product to the cart. They can be discounted during the sale. 

Add a contract template: you can add one template for each rate. If the template has been added to the product, the contract template of the rate prevails. 

Add a notice period: a member must foresee the notice period if he/she wishes to cancel his/her membership before the cancellation becomes effective. Example: the notice period lasts a fortnight, so the member must tell on the 10th January that the cancellation will become effective on the 25th January.


If an end date and a notice period are indicated in the membership, the latest date will prevail as cancellation date. If you wish to cancel despite this rule, please contact your Resamania interlocutor for him to allow you to cancel anytime.

Add seller’s instructions: during the sale, the seller will be provided instructions needing to be confirmed, so as to be able to add the product to the cart.

Add an instruction concerning the guarantee: to configure if you want one or several guarantee cheques during the sale. To learn more about membership guarantees, please read this article

Add a purchase limit: the client can’t purchase more specimens of a product than the indicated number. 

Add a suspension quota: the client won’t be able to suspend his/her membership for more than a certain number of days decided by the suspension quota. To learn more about suspending memberships, please read this article.


Price restrictions

Restrict by club: you can decide to only sell to one or several specific clubs. 

Restrict by user role: for example, only users being administrators will be allowed to sell this rate. 

Restrict by channel: you can make a rate available only from the club reception, kiosk or member space. 

Restrict by members’ keywords: you can decide not to sell a membership to people designated by a specific keyword.

Restrict by debt: you can decide not to sell to someone already in debt. 

Restrict by period of validity: during the sale, the price will only be viewable in the catalogue during a given time period (date 1 to date 2).

Restrict by start day: the membership price will only be sold if starting during a given time period indicated when added this option. 

Restrict by sale day: the price will only be viewable during the time period indicated when adding this option. 

Remove the offer: if the price offer no longer exists, you may delete it.





How to highlight a product in the sales funnel ?

If you tick the star, you can highlight your product in the sales funnel and it will come first in its product category when you make a sale:


In the sales funnel, the offer is highlighted like this:



Once the membership features are confirmed, click on Save.

The membership is now confirmed. 


You may now find it in the membership list suggested during a sale as well as in the catalogue.




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