How to send manually the Direct Debit file to the bank ?

I want to send my direct debit file to the bank but I don't know how to do it... This article is for me!

On the programme:

  • Prerequisites for sending the file
  • Start direct debit file generation
  • Correct file errors
  • Download the XML file and confirm sending to the bank
  • Finalise the direct debit file to invoice for the month of collection (automated)

Requirements for sending to the bank

Here are the prerequisites for sending a direct debit file to a bank:

  • To have sent Xplor Gym my bank details: bank name, IBAN, BIC and SCI. To find out more about these elements, please consult the help centre article on the legal entity by clicking HERE.
  • You must also be in possession of the direct debit mandates of the members to be debited. If you haven't entered them in Xplor Gym, you can do so before starting the file or when correcting the file, as explained later in this article. To find out how to add a direct debit mandate from the member file, click HERE.

Delivery time
Most banks require 48 hours (working days) to process the direct debit file in time. If you are debiting on 5 March, it would be best to send the file around the 1st or 2nd.


To go to the SEPA Direct Debits tab, click on FINANCIAL ACTIONS in the main drop-down list. This takes you directly to the SEPA Direct Debits page.

  • Enter the name of the direct debit file. For example, "SEPA March 2020".
  • It is possible to exclude members in debt. This will affect all those who have a "debt" tag on their member file and therefore depends on the configuration of the "high" debt level, which by default is >60€.
  • Enter the date(s) on which you want to do your direct debit files.  For example, if you want to do your direct debit files on the 5th and 10th, you can enter the following dates: 5th to 10th. It is also possible to generate all the direct debits for the month (from 1st to 30-31st) in a single file.

When the period generated is a full month
Depending on the configuration of the catalogue and the sales made after the file has been generated, it is possible that other direct debits are planned for the period already generated. If this is the case, you will simply need to create a new file for the same period so that all the direct debits are taken into account.

  • Once the period set, select 'Change the period'



Once the period has been set, I am told the total amount and the number of direct debits that will be made, as well as any incorrect direct debits. In most cases, the direct debits are incorrect because the direct debit mandate has not been added to the member's file or because the direct debits have been suspended.


To add a missing mandate, simply click on the line to be corrected. The member file will open and you can fill in the direct debit mandate. To find out how to do this, please read this article.

If direct debits are suspended and you want to reactivate them, simply click on the line. The member file will open. You can then go to Member Actions then Action on Member, Manage direct debits and reactivate them.


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