How to set up a test session?

To set up a test session, two types of products may be used: Packages or Shop Products. To find out which one is concerned, you need to ask yourself one question. Is the test session going to be used right after the sale? 

coche.JPG1st example – the test session is used right away. 

Then, you’ll have to label it as “shop product”. The test session will be invoiced and won’t entitle the member to anything as far as the application configuration is concerned. 

The shop product may be priced whenever you want. It may also be free of charge.


I’ve never created a shop product yet. Please read this article to learn more.  

coche.JPG2nd example – the test session may be used whenever you like

Then, the best possible option is to create a one-session package. You may or may not follow up with the test session. 

If the test session doesn’t allow to sign up for standard classes, ask your Xplor Gym interlocutor a new kind of session. You must ensure the test session will be properly debited (open manual entry or manual debit from the package tab) when the potential member uses the session. 



Deselect the box “change in the product state”. In doing so, the client who purchased the session will remain a potential member. 

You’ve never created a Package yet .... Please read this article to learn more.

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