How to deal with the general conditions of sale of your club?


Prerequisites : to be able to deal with your GCS by your own ...

Beforehand please check with the support or the implementation service that you have access to the 'Club' link or that your contract contains the tab 'GCS'.

The images must be loaded correctly to prevent the entire contract generation from breaking down.


green_1.png To configure the GCS of the club, please go to the Back Office > Settings > Legal and Financial > Clubs /Legal then click on the club > Contract tab.


green_2.png Please write / copy-paste as you usually do (html is not required). The layout is done with the different keys (regular text type).


green_3.png Once the text copied and well presented, please click on 'Sources'. The text is automatically converted into html. Tip : if the club wants to write its own GCS over two columns, a table can be integrated and edges can be made invisible.


green_4.png Then please on 'Save'.

The type of contract configured by the customer service will recover its GCS for the club.







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