What are the resources in the planning ?🔍

To manage bookings and allow members to book, the club’s resources must be configured. They’re required to create the planning. 

There are several types of resources with specific information:


                  1                                                                                                                             3

1- Activities*: Name, Display colour in the planning and Period(s)

2- Studios*: Name, Club(s) and Contact details

3- Coaches*: Last name, First name, Nick name, Media, Coach’s activities


Configuring activities and studios is required to be able to create any time slot in the planning.

To access and generate resources for the planning in Xplor Gym, go to Settings, then Schedule and Bookings. Finally, select 'Resources'.



To know how to create an activity in resources, see HERE.

To know how to create a studio in resources, see HERE.

To know how to create a coach in resources, see HERE

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