Booking rights: how to understand the interface?🔍

When configuring the club, various memberships and packs were generated in the catalogue. You must define which activities are accessible thanks to these memberships and packs. This is what booking rights are for. You can define precise rules of registration as well as cancel rules. Booking rights are accessible from the SETTINGS menu in the Schedule and Booking rights tab. 

Booking rights enable to define all the rules in reference to the club’s policy.


Configuring booking rights is manageable from activities or from memberships and packs. What is configured from the activity tab increases logically in the pack and membership tab of the booking rights.


You may also define restrictions of registration and cancel rules according to the activity, memberships or packs. The “rules” of online registration are defined according to these restrictions (member area).


You can add restrictions and extra details regarding registration:

- Limiting registration: please choose a limited number of member's registrations.

- Deadline: please choose a limited number of hours before registration, according to which a member would no longer be allowed to register. 

- Advance: please narrow down the registration delay to a given number of days and hours.




In this tab, please define a number of minutes before an activity starts, and according to which the member would no longer be allowed to cancel his/her registration. 

You may also define whether these units would be re-credited and under what conditions.



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