All you need to know about the indicator of maximum attendance

This article presents the new indicator of attendance available on the dashboard. It details how to configure it on the club’s instance.



You must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Holding access control
  • Reservation is usually the method you resort to as far as group lessons are concerned
  • Reservations ONLY concern group lessons


A_SAVOIR__5_.JPGA new indicator on the dashboard: maximum attendance! 

Before any configuration, you must fully understand the advantages of the new indicator of attendance available on the dashboard…


1_green_circle.pngDefine a limited number of clients that would be present in the main zone of the club

2_green_circle.pngDeny access to the club when maximum attendance is reached

3_green_circle.pngOnly grant access to people who booked a group lesson as it takes place in another room

4_green_circle.pngProvide the number of persons in the club on the club’s website, so as to enable members to know whether they will be granted access or not if they come. 

This indicator will tell the number of members attending the club, and if maximum attendance is reached or not. Once it is, you will be able to deny access to additional members. 


Once activated, the indicator looks like this:  



A_SAVOIR__5_.JPGHere follow the actions to carry out so as to implement this system when reopening the club:

  • Prerequisite – To know the allowed maximum attendance (club and group lessons)

As group lessons are taking place in a different room, clients who come to attend a group lesson they booked won’t be taken into account in the main zone of the club. 


So, you must have previously made the group lessons schedule according to the number of persons that can be granted access in the group lesson room. 

To calculate the maximum number of clients, you must take into account the active surface of the club in square meters, and governmental directives (1 client / 4 m2). You can calculate the maximum number of clients simultaneously attending the club. This number will be indicated when configuring the indicator of maximum attendance. Please get this information before configuring anything. 


What is the active surface of the club?

The active surface of the club corresponds to the number of square meters accessible to members to carry on physical and athletic activities. It doesn’t count hallways, locker rooms, reception, etc...


Step 1: Configure the entry tokens according to group lessons

Advantage of entry tokens

When clients book their group lesson on-line, a virtual entry token will grant them access to the club. In step 2, we will implement the indicator of maximum attendance. This module will enable to implement a limited number of clients allowed in the club. Only clients who made a reservation will be granted access thanks to the entry token. 

The entry token is essential to implement limited access through the attendance indicator. 


To implement the entry tokens, please follow the following steps:





Please click on Add a token


Then, please provide the name of the token (internal purpose), the activities, studios and offers in relation to the token. 

Please click on Configure the zone(s). 


You may provide several activities in the Activity field. 


Box to tick: lesson token

So as the entries regarding a group lesson reservation aren’t taken into account in calculating the maximum attendance. 




Please provide the main zone concerned by the token.

Then, please provide the time when clients with a token will be granted access (30 minutes before the lesson starts), as well as the time from when access will no longer be granted if the lesson has already begun. 


Step 2 –  Activate the indicator of maximum attendance

To do this, you just have to go the dashboard settings  article_139_screenshot_6_.pngand tick the box called “Activate the module”. 


An insert dedicated to the future indicator displays. You must click on Configure


A configuration window opens. 


Step 3 – Configure the main rules regarding access limitation 

This operation must be carried out from the indicator itself with the pictogram article_139_screenshot_8_.png

From the pictogram, please go to the following window:



Please provide here various elements regarding the rules applicable to the club:


mceclip1__5___1_.pngThe club’s main zone

Only the club’s main zone is taken into account. Indeed, the objective is to learn how many people are currently attending the club. So, only the main zone where members scan their badges matters. 

mceclip2__5___1_.pngCalculating the number of people who exited


green_tick_in_a_circle.png1st case – there are readers at the exit

Please tick the “Exit readers” box. When a member scans their badge, they will be automatically deducted from the calculation by the indicator. 

The number of minutes indicated in the Max “x” minutes field will enable to know whether a member exits without scanning their badge after x minutes. 

green_tick_in_a_circle.png2nd case – no readers at the exit

Please tick the box called “average time spent in the club: X minutes”. It will enable to automatically manage updating the indicator while evaluating the number of exits. 

Example: you provide an average time spent at the club: 60 minutes. A client scans their badge on the entry reader, the indicator counts one extra person present in the zone. 60 minutes later, the indicator will deduct automatically one person. 


mceclip7__1___1_.pngThe limited number of allowed persons

If the limited number is reached, the access control will prevent any client from entering the club. 


If the box called “Block access when” isn’t ticked…

No limit will be implemented. The access control will grant access to everyone as long as people own a membership, package or fulfil any other condition. 

mceclip2__6___1_.pngGranting access to clients attending group lessons

Please tick the “Let people attending lessons in” box, so they won’t be taken into account by the indicator. 



Step 4 – Make the indicator viewable on the club's website

When clicking on CONFIRM after configuring the various access limitation rules, the indicator of maximum attendance will display as follows on the dashboard. Here, 134 people are counted as present in the zone and the maximum limit is set to 150. 

When 150 people are in the zone, no more people will be granted access as long as no one exits. 


The information may be viewable on your club’s website. 

The advantage is twofold for the client: they will be able to know in real time the number of people present at the club, and whether it is advised to go to the club. He may also know the attendance on a longer period of time and book their lessons accordingly, or decide to come to the club on a less busy time. 

To make it viewable on the club’s website, you just have to click on the three small dots of the indicator, then Add to my website. 



A window opens, displaying the steps to follow to include the widget and the iframe to copy in the website’s code. You may include the indicator and make it viewable by ticking the box called “Integration on dark background”. 




Once viewable on the club’s website, the indicator updates every 5 minutes. 


To know : if a customer passes his card twice, that the multipass and anti-return are not activated. It will count as one customer.

The indicator is now properly activated and configured on your club’s instance and website… You can serenely reopen! 

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