Teaching clients how to connect to the member area

The member area is configured in your instance. Your members will soon be able to book classes in the schedule. You want to teach them how to connect and book from their member area. Two campaigns must be implemented then: the campaign intended for members already in the database, and the one that’ll be sent automatically when a prospect becomes a client. 

mceclip2__26_.pngConfigure a one-off campaign intended for all your clients already in the database…

Create a one-off campaign you may name “Opening of the member area”. 

> Selecting filters:

Filter according to the clubs concerned by the campaign, as well as the “Client” status. 


> Selecting filters:

Here, you may specify the fields you want to display in the recipients’ result list. When ticking the “For information only” box, you will know who actually received the communications according to the optins you chose. 


> Tags and information to define in the template:

Some tags must be used in the body of the mail so the clients may have all the information they need: link to reset password, email and link to the login portal. 



Once it is sent, clients present in the database will be able to easily connect to the member area of the club to book classes and access their personal details and documents. 

mceclip4__12_.pngConfiguring an automated campaign that will be sent to prospects who just became clients…

Create an automated campaign such as “Communicating with the client when toggling between statuses.” You may name it “Member area-Access information” for example. 


> Target:

Communicate to clients who just became members to the club named Warriors House. 


> Compulsory tags and contents

Some tags must be used in the body of the mail so the clients may have all the information they need: link to reset password, email and link to the login portal.



You may also communicate to clients the link to download the Resamania mobile application.

- In the Apple store (Apple)

- In the Play store (Android)

Please note the Resamania and the Resamania mobile applications are two distinct applications. 


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