How to close a member account?

A member can be closed from her or his member file. S/he will switch over to Former Member status. Most importantly, her or his accounting balance will be rebalanced, her or his memberships, packages and badges will be deactivated. The article below explains how to close an active member and the consequences of such closing.

This article explains the manual closing and its impacts, another article is available if you wish to set automatic closings. The accounting impacts will be the same as in the case of an automatic closing.

Do you want to ban the member?

It is not the same action as the action explained in this article. If you want to know how to do, see this other article.

What happens if a closed member comes back to the club later ?

If the sale is made from the back-office, an alert can be seen in the member file to inform it has been closed because of unpaid invoices. In the Settings, you can say whether the closed members can still buy online or not because they can still access the member area



How to close a member ?

First, go to the member file, then click on Member Actions.


Then click on Close member.


If needed, you can also close the accounting by ticking the following box: 


A message will tell you in which clubs the member has got accounts. The member will be "Former Member" after 3 days.

Impacts on memberships, packs, entry passes, bookings, etc…

- Memberships, Bolt Ons and packs
Memberships and Bolt Ons will be terminated on the contract date and a credit note will be generated if the automatic renewal is already effective. All the member’s packs will expire and become unavailable

- Entry passes
The member’s entry passes will be deactivated.

- Coming bookings and member area

All coming bookings will be cancelled. The member’s access to the member area will be denied. However, s/he will still be allowed to log in to external sites to which s/he is connected thanks to the club. So, this member have to be deactivated in the external sites. 

Important : This concerns only Xplor Gym front-end, repeat the operation on all external sites.

- Switching over to “Former member” status

When closing the member, his or her member file switches over to Former member status after 3 days.


Impacts following a Direct Debit rejection

You can set up a result of the member closing related to Direct Debit rejections.

From the penalties of rejected Direct Debits, you can specify that the member will be closed at a given time by the penalty. Warning: the action is not automated, the club has to make the action of closing the member. A tag 'to be closed' will then appear on the member file at the right time.

Impacts on accounting items

- If an invoice is unpaid

When closing a member, get an overview of the member's overpayments (in the club under matter) in order to allocate them to the invoice in chronological order.

Should there be no overpayments, then Xplor Gym automatically considers all the member's credit notes (in the club under matter) in order to allocate them to the invoice in chronological order.

Should there be no overpayments nor credit notes, in this case, a credit note will be generated then automatically allocated to the unpaid invoice. 

- If a credit note or an overpayment is still available ...

When closing a member, pay attention whether one or several invoices has/have not been paid yet. If such is the case, the credit note shall be used.

If there is no available credit note, then an invoice will be generated and the credit note will automatically be distributed.

- If there is a current incident on a payment but no payment in progress ...

It will be closed without any payment This means that the incident will no longer be, the payment on the initial invoice will be rejected. The invoice is in arrears and a credit note of the same amount will be used on this invoice to balance the situation. 

- If there is a current incident on a payment and a partial payment ...

The incident will be closed without any payment. The payment of the initial invoice is rejected. The incident will no longer be, the partial payment of the incident will be an overpayment and will be allocated to the initial invoice. The remaining amount due of the initial invoice will be compensated by a credit note and used on this invoice

Club Network: How closing a member in Club A has an impact on Club B?

The member gets closed in both clubs. Every unaccountable element will be cancelled or deactivated (memberships, packs, entry passes ...)

Regarding accounts, all documents are created for every club's accountable element (debt, overpayment, credit notes, incidents).

For example, if you're in debt in Club A and you have an overpayment in Club B, a credit note equal to your debt will be generated in Club A to be then allocated to this invoice. Another invoice corresponding to the overpayment amount will be created in Club B. 

How to tag a member 'To close' and find this member with filters?

In penalties, you can specify that a member will have to be closed in the future. The member will then get a tag 'Member to close' on her/his member file.



Good to know

If the member 'to be closed' pays his/her debt on time before being closed, then s/he is no longer 'to be closed', provided you have configured the following parameter in the club parameters:



You can find all 'closed members' with a filter in members view. Clients will appear in this list on the day of their closing and not before.





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