Smartmessaging : the good practices ✔️

A_SAVOIR.JPGThe 7 rules to respect

  1. Correctly choose the types of one-off campaigns according to what you send. A marketing campaign should be tagged 'Marketing' not 'Legal' or 'For Information'. For example: if you promote a special offer for the start of the new season, it's marketing. If you announce the exceptional opening or closing of your club, it's for information then. 
  2. Send the campaigns by blocks of 50k emails at a time.
  3. Between two sets of one-off campaigns sent, you have to wait 6 hours.
  4. No emoticons in the title. (it won't be the case in the next version of Smartmessaging).
  5. You have to insert an unsubscription link.
  6. Do not put a single picture in the campaign : a picture has to be set out together with a text.
  7. Do not multiply the action of clicking on 'send', once is enough.

A_SAVOIR.JPGRespecting these rules will enable you to ...

  • Avoid to get the whole campaign tagged in SPAM 
  • Avoid a potential control by the ICO
  • Have statistics which are injected into Smartmessaging 
  • Avoid Resamania to be blocked by its provider. 
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