When do active members become former members ?

General rule

Members become "former members" 24 hours after their last active day (i.e. 1 day after the end of the membership which is at midnight). An active member becomes a former member if s/he no longer has any memberships tags or pack units that used to give her/him the "member" status.

An example to help you understand...

A member has a membership ending on January 12. He will become an 'former member' on January 13.

The special case

If a member uses the last unit of their pack in a booking for a future slot, then they will become a former member after 24 hours from their last active day after his last active day, i.e. the day of the slot in question). Thus, If an active member has no more units, but has a booking in the future, s/he will remain  an active member until 24 hours after the booking slot.

An example to help you understand...

Today is January 12. A member has booked a slot for January 13. He used his last pack unit for this booking. This member will become a 'former member' on January 14 (January 13 + 24 hours).


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