How to read the Sales Jounal ?

The Sales Journal is part of the accounting exports usually collected each month. As for the other accounting logs, it is a document recording chronologically and continuously all the financial operations made by the club over a fiscal year.

A_SAVOIR.JPG What does this Journal look like once exported?

📄 Available in CSV or PDF

This article doesn't explain how to get the export, if you don't know how to do, please read that other article. 

It is possible to issue this log according to three different presentations:

  • detailed by accounting element *1 with auxiliary customer account *2 


  • detailed by accounting elements without auxiliary customer account 


  • combined by accounting account per day


*1 Accounting element : document which testifies the accounting operation (purchase or sales invoice, expense report, pay slip, social declaration ...) 

*2 Auxiliary customer account: together with the global customer account (for ex: 411300), an auxiliary account is determined for each customer > in format C + ID customer (for example C183).

A_SAVOIR.JPG Which accounts are contained in this Journal ?

Customer accounts, VAT and products.

A_SAVOIR.JPG Which book entries are contained in this Journal ?

  • invoices and credit notes are the main book entries found in this log.

Here are some examples of invoices and credit notes entries according to the general accounting standards:


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