How to read the Bank Journal ?

The Bank Journal is part of the accounting exports usually collected each month. As for the other accounting journals, it is a document recording chronologically and continuously all the financial operations made by the club during a fiscal year.

A_SAVOIR.JPG What does this Journal look like once exported?

📄 Available in CSV or PDF

This article doesn't explain how to get the export, if you don't know how to do, please read that other article.


A_SAVOIR.JPG Which accounts are contained in this Journal?

The target and temporary payment accounts are contained in this journal.

Here is a pattern which reminds the importance and the functioning of the temporary and target payment accounts:


A_SAVOIR.JPG Which book entries are contained in this Journal ?

The following book entries are contained in this journal : Cash closure for bank card, vouchers or cash, Collection of Direct Debits at the bank (completion), Cash Deposit or withdrawal and declaration or regularisation of incident.

For the payment book entries, the interest is to be able to compare the figure indicated on your bank statement with the detail of the Bank Journal to know what it corresponds to.

Here are two examples of book entries among those mentioned above: 

  • Example 1 :  Make a cash closure (Bank card)


  • Example 2 : Declaration of incident and regularisation of incident


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