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A tag is a 'keyword' present on the member file which
1) makes the link between memberships, Bolt On of the member and entry/bookings rights which the products allow to
2) indicates a specific situation leading to a blocking alert (debts, missing Direct Debit mandates).
3) Allows you to communicate with your customers based on their TAG.


Tags have several objectives :

  • Access control - Once configured on your access control area, this tag will enable the member to enter on specific hours and according to the required conditions.
  • Booking rights - Once configured in your booking rights, this tag will enable the member to book all or part of the activities according to the conditions that you have indicated in the booking rights.
  • Information/Communication (additional) - From the Smartmessaging module, you can choose to communicate with the members who have a specific tag on their member file. It will also be possible to produce precise statistics on the number of members having a certain tag.
  • The 'situation/alert' tags - These specific tags are not the result of the sale of a membership or an option, but the result of a specific situation (debt, missing Direct Debit mandate, suspended Direct Debits...etc). This type of tags can be the reason for a blocking alert which will prevent the member from going through the access control.


coche.JPGFrom a sale 

I have sold a membership 'crosstraining', it was previously configured in the catalogue with keywords.


ADVICE to keep in mind

A TAG need to be in 1 word without capital letter or special characters.
Never create more keywords than what you need for the access control, the entry rights and communication (at most 3 per membership).
The objective is to reuse the tags that you have initially created in your catalogue for the future creations of new memberships.
Except, when the offer opens to hours and activities non accessible from the former memberships.

When creating Memberships and Bolt On, tags will automatically appear in the booking rights....


... and will be accessible from the configuration of the access control area.


Main objectives of tags from the sale of a Membership or a Bolt On

  • Access control - When the keyword is duly configured in the access control, it will fix the entry rights of the member who registered for the membership. For example: the keyword 'membership' will allow to enter the club at regular hours, from 6 am to 11 pm.
  • Booking rights - When the keyword is duly configured in the booking rights, it will fix the entry rights of the member who registered for the membership. For example: the keyword 'crosstraining' will allow to book the activity crosstraining only accessible with that membership. 

coche.JPGFrom a data migration

During a migration, you have to analyse what sold and still current memberships give access to in the client database. What you migrate is not necessarily what you sell in your club, as it may have inherited a past or specific functioning.

Then, you have to deduce the keywords which will be linked to former memberships that you sold to migrated members for them to have the good access to the club and the activities. 

Main objectives of tags issued from a data migration

Alike tags issued from a sale, tags issued from a data migration allow to give access rights and booking rights to the member. 

coche.JPGFrom a specific situation associated with the member

In some cases, the member file can contain a tag which is not linked to a sale or a migration. Among these cases, the most frequent ones are the 'debt' tag and the 'missing mandate' tag.

  1. A debt - The member has an over £60 debt, a tag is created on their member file.
  2. A missing Direct Debit mandate - The member has not brought the Direct Debit mandate but has an active Direct Debit membership. 

Good to know : the blocking tag - the alert

It is possible to get these blocking tags in the access control. The client will not be allowed to enter. If you want to install this, please contact our customer service.


A_SAVOIR.JPGThe good questions to ask so as to define the tags of membership keywords 

When I create a membership I have to ask the following questions :

- When will my member be allowed to access the club?

Some examples of keywords you can choose :

membership: can enter from 06.00 am to 11.00 pm
offpeakhour: can enter from 09.00 am to 11.00 pm and from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

- Which activities will they be allowed to book?

Some examples of keywords you can choose :

biking : can book all the activities linked to biking
premium : can book the specific premium activities like crossfit, biking, yoga

- Which information do I want to see for my stats ?

Some examples of keywords you can choose :

limited: limited time membership
unlimited: membership with automatic renewal

student: specific membership with student pricing

- Which information do I want to see in my email campaigns ?

Some examples of keywords you can choose :

They can be the same as for the stats, but the more I want to target my members the more I will multiply my tags so my products, as we cannot say on a same product, that it is limited or unlimited, student or not.




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