A member cannot book an activity: Why ?

A member cannot book an activity. Are her/his booking rights blocked because of a no-show, a Direct Debit rejection or manual blocking? This type of information can be quickly seen in the back office and in the member's member area. Here is how you can find it.

drapeau_vert.pngKeywords in the member file ... 

Go to the member file of the member concerned, a tag 'Booking denied' is shown.


drapeau_vert.pngSmartview in the member file ...

In the member file, in Smartview, the mention 'Booking rights blocked' is added.


drapeau_vert.pngHistory in the member file ...

One line appears to indicate the date and time when the booking rights were removed.

Another line will appear to indicate the date and time when the booking rights are restored.


drapeau_vert.pngMember's member area ...

The member concerned will get a banner in the member area notifying 'Booking blocked'.




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