How to know the upcoming Direct Debit amount ? 📈

There are two ways to know the upcoming Direct Debit amount. Both the Direct Debit Dashboard and Management Exports can help.

AWith the Direct Debit Dashboard

You will find a Direct Debit estimation graph, in the Direct Debit Dashboard : 


The amounts in blue are the amounts which will normally be debited for Memberships and Bolt-Ons. The total of both is indicated in black.

When there are suspensions or goodwill gestures, an amount is indicated in red and corresponds to what could have been debited but wasn't.

To activate the widget on the dashboard …

Go to 'Configure' :


Next add the widget clicking on '+',  then close the window.


AWith the upcoming Direct Debit export

Choose the club(s) concerned and the month concerned.

The export indicates the amount of Direct Debits estimated per Direct Debit day (on the chosen month) and per type of service.


In this export, you can also find out the lost amount in suspension and goodwill gesture (what could have been debited but won't be).


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