Everything about the online membership cancellation and suspension 🔍

Your members can cancel or suspend their memberships independently from the member area. This article explains how to activate this feature and which points are important to know before making the decision to open this to your members. It shows you the visible interfaces of suspensions and cancellations in the member area.


  • Go to Settings > Clubs / Legal, and click on the club concerned then on the tab 'Suspension'. After that, you should tick the box 'Allow members online memberships to be suspended'


Then the settings regulating online suspensions should be defined.

  • Indicate whether you wish suspensions made online to extend the engagement period and suspend all the member's booking rights during her/his membership suspension. (case of a membership or pack that the member would have similarly). Just tick the boxes corresponding to the rules you wish to apply.


  • Next, you should determine the rules concerning the suspension period and the amount of monthly payments concerned by the suspension. 

1) 'Allow full month suspension' enables to allow a suspension over a 'date to date' period  (example : from 24 November to 24 October".  If you untick the box, suspensions will not be allowed if they concern not complete months. 

Useful information

  • You cannot suspend more than 3 months and more than 4 weeks.
  • If the month concerning the suspension has already been paid, the discount will be applied in the following month. 

2) 'Allow weekly suspension' enables to allow the suspension over weekly periods 

Useful information

On a weekly direct debit membership, if the monthly payment costs £20/month and we put 25% off the weekly suspension for monthly memberships, if we suspend 1 week, we put 25% off the £20, if we suspend 2 weeks we put 50% off the £20, if we suspend 3 weeks we put 75% off the £20 and if we suspend 4 weeks we put 100% off the £20. 


Cases of Bolt-Ons and goodwill gestures

Bolt-Ons will always get to zero if we choose an amount. If we choose a percentage, the percentage will apply on the membership but on the Bolt-On too. 

If we make a suspension and that the suspension includes a due date on a Bolt-On with yearly direct debit, so this Bolt-On will never be concerned by the discount (in % or amount). We do not apply the discount on the due dates on yearly Bolt-Ons. 

If there is a goodwill gesture on a monthly payment and that the cost of suspension is higher, so the goodwill gesture predominates. If we indicate a percentage and there is a goodwill gesture, so the monthly payment  gets to zero in all cases.  

When we decrease the amount of a due date, the amount entered is actually the amount which will be collected. If we put £10 for monthly memberships so the client will be debited £10 (it's not a discount on the initial payment, this is the collected amount). The same in the case of a weekly direct debit membership if we put a £5 amount it's really £5 a week that will be collected and not  a £5 discount on the initial amount. 


  • Go to Settings > Clubs / Legal, and click on the club concerned then on the tab 'Cancellation'. After that, you should tick the box ' Allow online cancellation'. 
  • Next, you must choose to allow 'cancellation on any date after the commitment period and the notice period' OR to force 'cancellation on the month anniversary after the commitment period and the notice period'. In the second case, if the member's membership anniversary date is on the 12th every month and that the commitment end date is on the 15/03, the effective cancellation date can only be on 12/04.


  • You can forbid the online cancellation when the member has a debt. In this case, tick the corresponding box and specify the amount of the debt which will not allow to cancel online. 
  • Next, you should specify the keywords which allow or do not allow to cancel online.
  • Provide the reasons for cancellation which will be available online.
  • Finally, you must specify whether you allow the cancellation only for memberships or for also for bolt-ons. The cancellations of bolt-ons follow the same process as for memberships (engagement date/month anniversary). 

Useful information

1) The spot payment memberships or the Direct Debit fixed-term memberships could not be terminated before the end of the membership. 

2) In a network, a member affiliated to Club A could not terminate a membership taken in Club B.

3) If a termination is already planned on the membership, even in the future, the online termination will not be possible. And, a member could never cancel her/his termination online. 

4) If the member is not engaged any longer, s/he can terminate whenever s/he wants. 

5) A credit note will always be generated on invoices already anticipated of future Direct Debits coming after the effective date of termination. Those invoices will get to zero. 


Some points of attention about the cancellation of Bolt-Ons

  • The compulsory Bolt-Ons and the 'special' Bolt-Ons cannot be cancelled.
  • If a Bolt-On is 'linked' to a Bundle, then the rest of the Bundle will also be cancelled (Membership or other Bolt-On).


In the tab 'Memberships' on the member's profile in the member area, the member finds out her/his memberships and can terminate or suspend according to the rights that you have previously granted.


If the member decides to terminate her/his membership, this message is displayed:  


Then, s/he can choose to go on terminating or to suspend her/his membership. If s/he decides to go on, then the date of the future monthly payment appears, the member can choose the reason for termination among those you have decided to make visible and finally leave a comment.


If the member decides to suspend her/his membership, this window opens: 


After that, the member can choose the start date of her/his suspension and its duration. 

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