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The family notion is now available in Xplor Gym. It enables you to specify a family link (parent, son, daughter, etc), to sell memberships which can be used by different members of the family or to delegate connexion rights to the member area between the family members. 

Age of minors

The age of minors in a family membership can be managed on a case-by-case basis in the club. In other words, if, in the club, a minor is someone under the age of 16, it is possible to indicate this in Settings > Legal and financial > Club / Legal > Click on the club > Family: the age is adjusted.

UNDER 2.png

You can set an alert (blocking or not) according to the number of days before birthday, and determine the moment from which it will get blocking if needed. Please contact our Support department if you wish to configure this alert.

How to create a family ?

The first part of this article specifies how to create a family or how to join a family. Later on this page, you will also know how to create a Family membership and how to sell it, then different relatives of a same family can enjoy it 


Go to the member file, then select the three dots and find the 'Families' tab.  


This tab enables you to create a family or let the member join a family.

coche.JPGTo create a family...

Select 'Create a family'. Then provide the following information:

  • Family's name  
  • The person's status in the family  
  • If the person is Family Manager or not. If the person is the manager, s/he can log in to the family's whole accounts (member area) to book collective classes and /or make purchases for example.


Next select Save.

The family will then be viewable on the member file... 


...and in the list of families 



How to add a member to a family ? 

The first possibility is to do it from the member file to be added, select 'Join a family'. Next, provide the family which you want to add the member to, the member's status in the family, if s/he is the family manager or not. 

Finally, you can also precise that (even if the member isn't the family manager), which accounts in the member area s/he has the right to log to make bookings and purchases. 

And now you can Save


It is also possible to add a member to a family starting from the list of families present in the menu Settings >Members>Families. 



How to create a family membership in the catalogue ?

When you sell a Family membership to a member, even if only one family member will be charged, several family members will be allowed to use this membership.

Before selling this type of membership, you must start by specifying that a membership can be shared between the members of the same family from the offer in the catalogue.

To do it, go to the catalogue and administer the following settings:




  • Activate several beneficiaries for one single membership. 
  • Provide the number of beneficiaries, over 18 and under 18 who can stand to benefit from this membership when it is sold. If you do not provide anything here, there will be no limit in the number 
  • You can specify one single beneficiary. Later on, the interest may be to sell 'Bolt-ons for extra family members' 

coche.JPGFocus on the special Family Bolt-on and the Bolt-on for an extra family member 


Membership Bolt-Ons can also lead to special offers for families. There are two cases: 

  • The 'special family' Bolt-On: Ticking the 1st box allows to give this Bolt-On to all family members having the family membership with this Bolt-On. 

Example: the Smith family's membership involves four beneficiaries. Laura Smith takes the Special Family Bolt-On which includes the 'locker' tag and allows members who have it to access a locker. Once the special family Bolt-On taken, all the members who have the family membership will also have this Bolt-On so will access lockers. 

  • The 'extra member to the family:' Bolt-On: Ticking the 2nd box allows to add one or more extra beneficiaries (the number can also be unlimited) to a family membership. 

Example: the Smith family's membership involves four beneficiaries. Laura Smith wants her cousin to take advantage of the membership and she takes the 'Extra member to the family' Bolt-On. By adding this Bolt-On, you can then add an extra beneficiary (the cousin) to the Smith family's membership. 

Two cases to know about the 'Extra member to the family' Bolt-On

If a member has two family memberships and buys a Bolt-On '+1 beneficiary', they can use it only on one of the two memberships. If the Bolt-On is cancelled, the beneficiaries allowed by the Bolt-On will not be automatically removed, but there will be a blocking alert to all the family members to settle the situation.

  • What happens if the 'Special Family' Bolt-On and 'Extra member to the family' ?

What happens if the Bolt-On is 'Special Family' and 'Extra member to the family' at the same time?

The members who have the family membership with the linked Bolt-On will get the advantages (keywords) of the Bolt-On. And, one or more extra family members can be added.

What happens if you sell a family Bolt-On to a member who has no family membership ?

No extra beneficiary can be added to the membership as it is not a family membership. The Bolt-On cannot be shared with a member either. However, the member who was sold the Bolt-On will still receive the advantages (keywords) linked to the Bolt-On.


How is a Family membership assigned ? 


Sell the membership to the family member who will be charged, as usual. After the sale, the membership is duly viewable in the member file. You notice that this client has no affiliate family yet ...Two possibilities: either you create the member from the Family tab in this member file, or you follow the steps specified in this part of article A_SAVOIR.JPGTo create a family or let a member join the family ... 


  • From the Family tab in the member file, you can either add a member to the family, or create a new member in the club who will then be affiliated to the family.


    • You decide to add an existing member in the database to the family: 

You must simply select the member in the list, specify who this person is in the family and say if s/he is the family manager or not. In the case this person is not the family manager, you must specify which accounts in the member area the person can log in to, if needed.

Next, click on Save.

  • Finally, for the second family member, the one you have just created (and maybe other members in the future) to benefit from the membership, the last step is to click on Reattach at the level of the membership present in the family screen.


  • Once the membership is affiliated to the family, from this screen, you can decide which family members can be beneficiaries if you activate the box 'Make a beneficiary'


Once the person becomes a beneficiary, you must provide the date from when this person is a beneficiary:


If you decide to create a new member, a new member file opens.

What is suggested: Pre-fill from the information in the member file from which you create the new member and automatically Generate an email address (convenient if the new member has no email address).

  • Which form is the email address automatically generated ? 

If the email address in the main member file is alice.ruiz@example.com in the new member file if the member's called Pauline, the email address automatically completed will be alice.ruiz+pauline@example.com

  • Where does the second member receive the email ? 

If the provider of the email works with the "+" then the email addressed to the second member will go to the first member's inbox. 



Some more details about the Family Memberships ...

  • If one beneficiary of the Family membership was not affiliated yet, s/he would become a client. (not a member). All invoices related to this membership will always be charged on the member who was the first one to get this membership.
  • A debt on the main holder of the family membership will imply a 'family debt' viewable in the form of a tag in the member files of the beneficiairies of the family membership and will cause blockings. 
  • If a member of the family gets 18, and that the family does not meet the criteria defined in the catalogue (in terms of number of major members or not allowed to hold a family membership), a blocking alert will be created for all the members of the family. 
  • In the catalogue, a membership created without being specified as 'family', cannot become a family membership and vice versa.
  • A bolt-on sold on a family membership will also be allocated to the beneficiaries of the membership if it is a 'family' bolt-on. If the membership bolt-on is not marked as 'family bolt-on' in the catalogue, only the beneficiary will have it. 


How does it work in the Member area ? 

From the member's profile, in her/his member area, the Family tab is viewable.


This tab enables to ...

  • log in to the family members' other accounts, if the logged member is allowed to thanks to the following pictogram: mceclip6.pngOnce logged in to the family member's profile as the family manager or allowed family member, you can access to all bolt-ons viewable in the member area and interact as if you were that member.
  • know who is the beneficiary of the Family membership if there is one.
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