Everything about the Entry Dashboard πŸ”

The Entry Dashboard can be found in the Dashboards menu in Xplor Resamania. It enables you to get an overview on the number of entries, the attendance peaks and to compare the figures with those in the previous periods.


The key figures displayed at the top of this dashboard correspond to the total number of entries since the club started with Xplor Resamania and also the total number of unique members who have entered the club since it started with Xplor Resamania. 

Example to understand those two figures : if the same member has already visited the club 15 times, the first indicator shows 15 entries and the second indicator shows only 1 (member). 


The next graph enables you to view the following information for the displayed days :

  • The number of entries for this day
  • The number of entries for the same day 4 weeks before
  • The number of entries for the same day one year ago

This graph enables you to view this information either when you move the mouse over the day dot you want, or when you watch the three lines variations in the graph. 


The second graph in the entries dashboard shows the average attendance rate over the last 4 weeks according to times and days.

When you move the mouse over time slots, you can get a compared view with the figures from the previous 4 weeks and the same period one year before.



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