July Release

Generating a 12 month Direct Debit Schedule

It is often the case that members need a proof of gym membership for work benefits packages or health insurance incentives. As a result, it is now possible to print a 12 month schedule for direct debit paying members. 

Simply select the Membership option on the Members View, followed by the three dots and the option "Print the Direct Debit schedule".




Quota on Packages

It has always been possible to have a quota set on membership offers in the Product Catalogue. This allows clubs to have promotional periods where only a set number of that offer can be purchased. This functionality has now been extended to also include Packages, such as Personal Training and Guest Passes.

Just like a Membership Offer, the sales quota option can be found in the pricing section of the new package when you select the three dots.




Title Improvements

It was recognised that there was a need for more inclusive titles when considering how your members would like to be referred as. As a result, you will now see a wider option of titles to use when creating a prospect or joining a member. These include: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr and Mx.


Automatic Deactivation of Alerts 

Up until now the deactivation of an alert when a member pays their debts online has been automatic. That is, their alert for the debt was removed, preventing the requirement of a member of staff to remove it. Although this was appropriate for most Customers, we acknowledge that some Customers still wish to have a touch point with the member who has had financial difficulties. As a result you can now choose whether to remove the alert if a debt is settled through the Member Area.

Please note that by default the alerts are deactivated. If you wish these to be changed, simply contact Resamania Support.


Notification of Future Payments

The payment cycle and specifically the resubmission process can be complicated and confusing when dealing with members wanting to pay in-club or online.

For subscriptions that have been rejected previously but by BACS rules can be entered for resubmission, this file goes off to the bank 5-6 days prior to collection. Once this file goes, the member WILL be processed for payment and there is nothing that the software can do to affect this.

From listening to our customers and reviewing our support tickets, we can see that this was previously leading to members paying double and then requiring refunds.

As a consequence we have improved the messaging found within the core solution and the online Member Area. The messaging makes it clear if and when a resubmission is due.

thumbnail_image002.png Picture4.png


Searching for members based on their blocking alert

Within the Financial Data tab you will now find the Blocking Alerts tab. This was previously known as Missing Mandates but we have expanded out the functionality so you can look for all members with a financial blocking alerts such as Debt, Missing Mandate etc. This is a great tool to include in your daily or weekly auditing as it highlights the members that need some special attention.



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