Everything about the Financial Dashboard !πŸ”

The "Financial" Dashboard enables you to have a detailed overview of your turnover key figures,  average sales,  monthly Direct Debits, sales by product type and by product family. You can also know which are the most successful offers in terms of turnover and quantity !

A_SAVOIR.JPGHow to get to the "Financial" Dashboard?

You can access the "Financial" Dashboard from the Dashboard tab then "Financial".


A_SAVOIR.JPG"Turnover" graph 


This first graph enables to see the turnover trend over the last 12 months.

When you move the mouse over the graph dots, you can see the detail. So, in addition to giving a view of your turnover trend, the graph enables you to see the detailed amount of invoices, credit notes and the total turnover (invoices - credit notes) month by month for the last 12 months. 

When you click on "Open the detailed view", you can see the comparison between the current year and the previous year (credit note, invoice and total).


A_SAVOIR.JPG"Average Sales" graph (Cart average)


This graph enables to know the average sales by channel (web, back office, kiosk and global average). To calculate the average sales, you count the sales over the month and divide it by the number of present members in the club basis who have received an invoice or a credit note. Manual invoices are not considered as sales so are not counted in the average sales. 

A_SAVOIR.JPG"Monthly Direct Debits" graph


This graph presents the total turnover per month generated from monthly Direct Debits linked to memberships and Bolt-ons. The graph also enables to compare with the previous year.

A_SAVOIR.JPG"Product Type by initial sale or recurring sale" graph 


This graph shows the total amount of turnover by product type sold (categories in the catalogue). Initial sales are sales made in the member's basket while recurring sales correspond to monthly invoices linked to Direct Debits. You can also get 'all sales combined' which take into account both.

To know

Monthly Direct Debit invoices graph and product type by recurring sales graph will show exactly the same figures: the total turnover of Direct Debit invoices for memberships and Bolt-ons. (knowing that for the "Product type by" graph you can filter by initial sale or recurring sale).


A_SAVOIR.JPG"Product Family Type by initial or reccuring sale" graph

The same graph exists for Product Families. To know more about Product Families, click here.


A_SAVOIR.JPG"10 Best Offers in terms of turnover" graph


This graph shows the 10 best offers in terms of turnover for the last 28 days with Xplor Gym. The turnover specified in the middle is the total turnover generated by the best offers. If you move your mouse over the graph, you can see the offer name which was the most successful and the turnover it generated. 

A_SAVOIR.JPG"10 Best Offers in terms of quantity" graph 


This graph shows the 10 best offers in terms of quantity sold for the last 28 days with Xplor Gym.

That's it, you know the detail of elements shown in your "Financial" Dashboard.



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