Everything about the system of closing indebted members automatically !🔍

Xplor Gym enables to close indebted members automatically or manually. This article presents the different cases when this feature is set and which configurations to do in each case. 

Member Closing: Which impacts?

To know all the impacts of a member closing, see this article. The closing made in the context of the automated closing system is also accounting.

If a client 'to be closed' settles her/his financial situation before the closing date, s/he will not be 'to be closed' any longer. Except if s/he has settled the debt and that you have configured this setting for this keyword 'to be closed' to disappear when the client settles the debt before the closing:


What time are member files automatically closed ?

The order which allows to close member files automatically starts around 4 or 5 a.m. on the scheduled day and closes all the member files which must be closed before midnight on the same day. Regarding debts, closing at the end of the month means that the order will be launched on the 31st around 4 or 5 a.m. aiming at closing all the targeted member files on the 31st before midnight so before the beginning of the following month.

STEP_ARTICLE_CLIENT.JPGCase # 1 - All the indebted members are automatically closed at the end of the month. 

To close an indebted member automatically at the end of the month, in the Settings menu, Clubs/Legal, in the tab Member Closing, tick the box 'Mark clients in debt as to close at the end of the month'.


If these two boxes are ticked, members with an unpaid invoice or in arrears will be marked as to be closed at the end of the month (on the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st according to months) and the closing will be done automatically at that moment. If you wish that only incidents close client accounts automatically, please see Case #2. If you wish that incidents are closed later, you must tick the boxes related to closure as seen above and then all the unpaid invoices (arrears, or not) will imply closures.


Things can be very fast, if the member is indebted on the 29th and you have planned an automatic closing at the end of the month, s/he will be closed within one or two days later.

STEP_ARTICLE_CLIENT.JPGCase # 2 - Members with a rejected Direct Debit are closed. 

If you wish to close immediately members with a rejected Direct Debit, go to Legal and Financial > Penalties for rejected Direct Debits, in the configuration of a penalty, tick the box 'Close Member'. Then the member can be automatically closed after X months or immediately in the case of a rejection. 


Good to know: 'After the rejection in X months' when is it exactly ?

Warning: unlike debts closures on the 31st of the month, when you plan to close clients at the end of the month, here it works date to date. This means that if the rejection is on January 10th and if you specify 'After the rejection in 1 month', the client will get the tag 'to be closed' on February 10th. According to the setting defined in the club configuration at the level of the client closure, s/he can be closed on February 10th.

STEP_ARTICLE_CLIENT.JPGCase # 3 - Closings related to debts (unpaid invoices or arrears) are manually processed. 

To mark automatically an indebted member 'to be closed', in the Settings menu, Clubs/Legal, in the tab Member Closing, tick the box 'Mark indebted members as to close at the end of the month'. 


Members with an unpaid invoice or in arrears will be marked as 'to close' at the end of the month. After that, a manual action should be done to close the member, as specified in this article. 

What happens if the client has been closed and comes back to the club later ?

If the client is closed (manually or automatically) an alert will be set in her/his member file to notify the desk that this client was subject to a closure because of unpaid invoices or arrears.

When the box "Allow closed members to buy online again" is ticked, closed members who, in all cases, can still log in to the member area, could buy from the online shop. If this box is not ticked, members will be blocked at the moment of sale and will have to go to the club if they want to buy a product.






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