September Release

Is it a forced entry or a cardless entry?

It's great rolling out new functionality but we understand how important it is to listen to our customers and identify their pain points. Looking at support tickets it's fair to say that there is some confusion between the two different types of forced access. As a result, we've made it simpler with clear detail on what the forced entry will result in:



Improved product search in POS

For clubs that had a large number of inventory items for POS, it could sometimes be a challenge to find the specific item. When using the search, it would search for the specific combination of letters being typed. That is, by typing "Towel" the search may produce no results, where "Sweat Towel" would. The search has now been improved to search the word within the product name, as displayed below.




Activity colours when using occupancy rate

You've created a colour scheme that looks really nice on the planning timetable. Maybe a colour for cardio, toning and wellness or you're just using your brand colours. So why should you lose these colours when you switch to view the occupancy levels?

Yes, the occupancy rate is a great view to see how your classes are filling up, but it shouldn't mean you lose that amazing colour scheme. So we've improved this.




Notification of a debt client transfer

Providing both clubs are on the same network, when a member from one club is transferred to another, the receiving club will not receive an email about the member transfer. For more information about transferring member, please see the help centre article.

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