November Release

Best Sellers and Promoted Offers

We’ve added two great features for sales in the back office of Xplor Gym. These have been designed to improve the speed of the POS process when selling products:

  • Best Sellers - automatically provides you with the top 10 best selling products in your club. This also takes over as your new landing page when you select Make A Sale. So you no longer have to navigate to another tab to sell the same popular products.


  • Offers at the moment – to encourage upsell we've made the current offers easily available. Simply star the correct product offer in the Catalogue and it will be proritised on the relevant POS tab. This is a great feature for those busy F&B tills that want to make quick sales of the popular products.


Member Area Notifications

It’s now possible to notify your members from within the Member Area. Just as simple as sending an email or SMS in Smart Messaging, you can now send a Member Area notification. As soon as the member logs into the Member Area, they will be prompted that they have a notification from the club.

  • Create the Notification campaign ...

  • When the member logs in ...

  • Select the notification by their photo ...


Smart Messaging Improvements

This month we’ve made some improvements to the filters on Smart Messaging. You can now:

  • Filter on reason for termination – which is great for more targeted campaigns for leavers - maybe reminding those cancelling due to financial reasons that they can suspend or downgrade.

  • Filter on subscription name – have specific one-off campaigns for specific memberships – maybe reminding the members who have monthly benefits such as PT to get them used before month end.

  • Filter on creation channel – target only members who joined a specific way – maybe reminding in-club joiners about setting up their member area.

  • Show position and creator of a campaign – for multisite customers who create campaigns at different levels, this useful addition allows you to track what comms have been designed and for whom.


E-Gym API V2

E-Gym recently changed the API that is used to sync member data, membership details and RFD card data from Xplor Gym to E-Gym. As a result we needed to re-develop the integration to continue to provide this service.


Postcode in Back Office

We pride ourselves on the user interface and something that must have annoyed many (as it annoyed me) was when entering the postcode in back office. When a space was provided in the postcode, it was considered invalid. This relates back to handling many international postal code formats and the juggling Xplor Gym does to manage this. We’ve made a change now and whether you try to include a space or not, the post code will look the same and more importantly work.


List Summaries

The lists that are found throughout Xplor Gym (from either Clients or Financial Data options) are great tools for quickly and easily finding data about the club – how memberships did we sell during a time period? what was the total invoice value last month?

Previously once you had filtered the data correctly, you could then export the data to find the answers. We’ve made it even easier now with summaries on some of the most used tabs. These include Memberships, Packages, Invoices, Payments and Sales.


Automated client closures when in debt

We try to offer a flexible solution when it comes to debt management. The most recent request from Customers was the ability to credit note all debt at the end of a month. That is, they have tried through the automated Xplor Gym processes to collect what is owed but at the end of the month, if the member hasn’t been to the club or settled their account, simply close their account and remove the debt. The hope with this method is that it encourages the member to return.

As a result we have created two new configuration settings that will either automatically close all customers in debt at the end of the month or tag the member with “to be closed” so they can be manually checked and closed. You can read more about this feature in the helpdesk article.


The Recovery Module

The Xplor Gym Recovery module has had an overhaul so that Customers can benefit from using 3rd party debt collectors. It allows the generation of a Excel file containing all debting members and once filtered, can be sent to a collection agency to encourage payment. Upon receipt of any payment, the agency can then provide a file for import that will automatically resolve a member’s file with Xplor Gym.

For a full breakdown on this process, take a look at the helpdesk article.








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