How to set one or more promotional period on a membership?

I wish this membership to cost £15 in the first two months, then £0 in the next 10 months and £25 in the final months (then automatic renewal or not...). It's possible! Just set several special offers on the price.

STEP_ARTICLE_CLIENT.JPGPrerequisite - The importance of the membership period 

The membership period specified in the 'Membership' tab must be higher than the number of months which concern the special offer.

For example, if you had set a 4-month period here, you could have set a special offer only on the first 4 months.


The period specified here is the fixed-term membership period and the engagement period of an open-ended membership. If you do not want to set this engagement period for the open-ended membership, you can set one on the price in the next step. The period in the red box helps to configure the expected special offer, but it will not be considered as the engagement period. The engagement period specified on the price has the priority.


STEP_ARTICLE_CLIENT.JPGStep 1 - Add the special offer on the price 

When creating the price from the three dots, click on 'Add a promotional period', then you can add as many special offers as needed.


STEP_ARTICLE_CLIENT.JPGStep 2 - Configure the special offer 

Once the bolt on appears on the price, just adapt the price as you want with the ' + ' icon to add a special 'period' in the scheduled steps of the membership.


STEP_ARTICLE_CLIENT.JPGStep 3 - If the membership period does not match with the expected engagement period ... 

You may define a new engagement period on the price with the three dots > Add an engagement period (only if the membership price is an open-ended one).


For example, if the engagement is one month:







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