December Release

Improvements to the Family Module

Earlier this year we introduced the Family Module, where you could associate other members and prospects under one group and allow permissions for things such as booking classes. Building upon this concept, you can now create Family Memberships within the catalogue and have multiple members joined onto a single membership. You can configure the membership as you wish, such as 2 adults and 2 children, or simply an adult couples membership. The important factor is that there is only one "responsible" member who pays for the membership.

If you're worried about when children on family memberships reach 18? Don't be. Automatic alerts will be generated when any child on a family membership turns 18 years old. For all the details, take a look at our comprehensive page dedicated to family memberships.




Annual option for Weekly Memberships

Although not our most commonly used feature due to how the majority of businesses in the UK pay salaries, is the weekly recurring membership. A recent request was to allow an Annual option to this concept as it technically generated a greater yield. If you're interestes to learn more about weekly memberships, take a look here.


Smart Messaging Debt Filters

Xplor provide industry best practice from over 20 years experience collecting and chasing debt. It means you don't need to. However, we also understand that on top of our debt communications, some Customers may want to also reach out to those members. As a result we've added some useful debt filters into Smart Messaging.



Priorities for Packs

For those Customers smashing the Pack game with flexible options of memberships and visits, it can become quite common that multiple Packs include the same booking rights. For example a club could offer a Les Mills Pass, Studio Pass and Day Pass. All of these passes might give you rights to a Body Pump class. As a result, you can now manage which pass is used first if a member has multiple passes. The options are:

  • prioritise by expiration date
  • custom prioritisation




If you want to learn more about booking rights and the settings available for activities, take a look at this help centre article.


Pack Discounts

Continuing with the theme of Packs, we've also added the ability to add promo codes against Packs during the sales process. Previously to add a discount to a Pack, the member of staff would need to go into the Goodwill Gesture option during the sale process and choose the criteria for the discount. Now, once the Special Offer has been configured, the member of staff would just need to enter the promo code.


Special Offers are a fantastic tool for encouraging sales and our roadmap next year will focus on some fantastic, automated improvements to these features. So keep your eyes out for the release notes. In the mean time, why not refresh your knowledge in the help centre.


Alerts for Gifts

You may be aware that one option for Goodwill Gestures is a gift. This allows you to offer merchandise as part of your promotions. Sometimes the trickiest part of gifts, is actually getting them to the member and tracking that they have been collected. (It's amazing how many members try to blag more than one water bottle!)

Previously, the alert generated to track the collection of a gift was a blocking alert. This was designed to make sure the member received their gift on the very next visit. However, for clubs with unmanned access, stopping a member just because they can collect a gift wasn't ideal. Consequently, you can now decide whether the alert blocks the member at reception or not.





New Dashboard Metrics

When it comes to the definition of an "Active Member", the actual desirable total will depend on how the club operates. Do they sell Packs? Can you have a Pack without a membership? Consequently, we've taken the opportunity to add some flexibility to the Homepage Dashboard. You can now configure the Active Member dashboard to only include members that you perceive as "Active".  



Furthermore, we've added a new indicator called New Subscription Sales. This metric allows you to track you new subscriptions sales irrelevant of whether they are from a prospect or an ex-member.




Future memberships and Virtuagym

As we continue to strengthen our integrations with other marketing leading fitness products, we have resolved a complication reported when working with the Virtuagym platform. When members were joining with a future join date, the data was not syncing across to Virtuagym correctly. We've rectified this now, so a future joiner syncs when they sign up.



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