Everything about the Alerts Dashboard πŸ”

Do you think you forgot to take an action in your software ? Or do you want to make sure that this is not the case ? The alert dashboard is there to help you !

From the main Xplor Gym interface, you can access the alerts directly used for the software.


Cheques to deposit, direct debit files to generate, members to close ... You can find all important topics there ! When clicking on 'Alerts', you access the alert dashboard and get details with the following indicators:


The following indicators can be found:

  • Cheques / Vouchers to be deposited  

  • Direct debit files to be completed 

  • Number of debtors

  • Missed collection 

  • Members without mandate

  • Today's Birthdays 

  • Number of sales reminders

  • Stock on alert

  • Late direct debits  

  • Payments to be closed (to know how to make a cash closure, click on this link)

  • Safe deposits 

  • Members to be closed 

  • Sales reminders to send

Each button 'Learn more' on each alert topic brings to the menu/tab in the interface which enables you to take the action and meets the alert need.


From the settings, you can manage how to organize your alert indicators by simply clicking on the items.


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