January Releases (v4.16.00 and v4.17.00)


There's a real focus on efficiency this month. The first quarter of the year for any club is make or break and we wanted to make sure your software operations were as efficient as possible. Whether that's through ease of use for members or flexibility for achieving success.
2 new versions24 new features



calendar.png Overlapping ActivitiesIn a busy club there can be many great activities taking place at the same time. But your members can't be in two places at once, so Xplor Gym now prevents members being booked into multiple activities that overlap.
This feature will be set as on for future Customers, all existing Customer wishing this to be activate simply contact the Software Support team.


commerce.png Flexible Unit Reimbursement  
Packages are a fantastic tool for increasing secondary spend and providing value added services to your members. There is some great flexibility with packages already, such as the weighting of the activity. This means a 60min Personal Training session could cost 2 packs, whilst a 30min session only costing 1.
To build upon this flexibility we have now added the reverse. I flexible approach to reimbursing members when they cancel their session. If it's last minute, do you reimburse 2 packs or do you only reimburse 1?
If you want to learn more about weighting your packs, take at look at this article.


magnifying-glass.png Searching by QR Code
You can now search for a member within Xplor Gym by scanning their QR code using a webcam. Simply select the magnifiying glass at the bottom right of the homepage and select the option. 
commerce.pngPaying debt onlineWe had come across specific situations where some debt couldn't be paid online by members. We've introduced new measures to make sure all debt can be paid for, quickly and easily through the member area.
website.pngMember offer restrictionsOne of the great benefits with the Product Catalogue is the flexibility and membership offer can have. This includes restricting memberships to specific members based on their age, status or existing keyword. However, it was observed that the restrictions weren't working correctly through the online sales channel because the membership was selected prior to member data being provided. we've now added additional validity checks to the online joining process which will prevent members joining when they do no meet the criteria.


The Alerts DashboardMake Life Simple - it's an Xplor value at the foundation of every piece of development we consider. So when you are busy running a successful club, how can your software support you?
Introducing the Alerts dashboard which highlights only the most important factors affecting your club. Due for release in February.
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