February Releases (v4.18.00, v4.19.00 & v4.20.00)


Don't worry about all the release numbers this month. We also focused on some important infrastructure updates this month to make sure we continue being cutting edge.
It's sad, but my favourite this month was the new alerts dashboard. I wish I had it when I ran gyms!
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dashboard.pngGlobal Alerts Dashboard
Running a busy and successful club finds yourself asking the question - what should I prioritise?
In an attempt to follow one of our key principles, we've delivered the Alerts Dashboard to make life simple. Found on the top left of Xplor Gym, you will receive alerts when any of your key metrics are triggered. Whether it's members in debt, your sales pipeline, missing mandates or even member birthdays.

people3.png Emergency Contact Details   
In support of club health and safety we have introduced the emergency contact details section to the Member View. Members can provide the contact name, number and relationship of an emergency contact through back office or through the member area.



cart.png Shortcut to Sale when member is out of packs
It's never easy for members to keep track of their packs. So we find situations at reception when a member wants adding to an activity which requires an active pack, but they have used them all. In these situations now, the staff member can be taken straight into the POS screen during the booking process.
commerce.pngFinancial export improvements
For exports relating to invoices and credit notes, we have appropriately added the VAT rate that the invoice or credit note refers to.
website.pngClosed members returning
For those who are not aware, a member can have their account "closed" in Xplor Gym. This deactivates all memberships and access cards as well as balancing any outstanding invoices. We have now improved this concept, so when the closed member returns, if they previously had outstanding invoices, an alert is created against their account.
cart.pngBest sellers tab by permission
Most staff selling products day-to-day will benefit from the best sellers tab in point of sale. It makes selling quick, easy and hassle free. However we accept a small few user permissions don't need it. Consequently, we've tied it into user permissions. 



Automatic Goodwill GesturesMake Life Simple - it's an Xplor value at the foundation of every piece of development we consider. So when you are busy running a successful club, how can your software support you?
Introducing automatic goodwill gestures that will flag to staff or members if they can benefit from a promotion during the purchase process (membership, bolt-ons and stock). This will work online and within back office. Due for release in March.


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