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Why does the number of clients differ from the Clients dashboard to the Home dashboard?

In the client dashboard, the figures are calculated on the population of active members at the club. It is possible to see a difference between these figures and those of your general dashboard located in Home. In fact, the active members on this dashboard do not count...

  • Members whose membership will start in the future.
  • Members who have just cancelled their membership and will become former members 48 hours after the end of their membership.
In this dashboard, it is therefore possible to see figures slightly higher than the Active members indicator on the main dashboard.
Where to find the membership direct debit days ?

The export of active memberships brings this information

Where to find an export with the members, their direct debit amount and their future due ?
The export of active memberships brings this information
How to get the turnover of one or more network gyms ?

This article brings a detailed answer as there are several possibilities.

Where to find the objectives and motivations defined by members ?

In the export of Member Summary.

How to get the methods of payment used in the invoice and credit note lines ?

In the end of the export of invoice and credit note lines, a column is added, which 'Payment information'.

- Invoices: type of payment, amount, creation date

- Credit notes: refund method, amount, creation date (if credit note refunded)

How to get quicky the list of memberships and membership bolt-ons ?

A list of memberships and membership bolt-ons is available in the Client menu. GIF BOLT ONS.gif

How to get the list of cheques quickly? 

A list of cheques is available in the menu Financial data. 


How to find which bookings are on the waiting list or main list for a given period?

By exporting bookings, you can see which bookings have been made and whether they are for the waiting list or the main list. 

XL 1.png

How to find the status of clients registered on a class ?

This can be useful for finding out which clients have registered for the class as prospects (i.e. potentially with a test session).

XL 1.png

How to find the email addresses of clients registered on a class ?

It is possible to write to all clients by email from a slot, but if necessary the client emails are also indicated in the booking export.

How to find the service dates of invoices and credit notes?

When exporting invoices and credit notes, you can view the service dates for invoices and credit notes. In other words, the period covered by a given invoice or credit note.

Where to find the product codes for invoices and credit notes?

When exporting invoices and credit notes.

How to find the list of clients with blocking keywords ?

From the "Points of warning" category, the "Blocking keywords" export produces a list of blocking keywords for each client that has at least one blocking keyword when the export is generated.

How to find the list of member referral links created ? 

From the "Members and Sales" category, the "Member Referrals" export lists all the member referrals carried out over the period, specifying whether or not a goodwill gesture was made to the referrer and/or referral. The date and author of the member referral are also indicated.

How to find the guarantee cheques on clients from one club (or several clubs) ? 

In the "Points of warning" category, the "Guarantee cheques" export lists all the guarantee cheques created during the period and their status.

How to know which members have a bank card saved ?

The Member summary export allows to see which members have their bank card saved or not. 

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