Bulk Price Change Guide for Xplor Gym

To begin the process of actioning a bulk price change, this article details the various steps required to do so. This guide is provided to ensure that the data provided to Xplor Gym is formatted correctly, to ensure a successful price change.


It is impossible to edit the scheduled payment for an invoice that has already been generated. In practice, this means that we need at least one-month notice to action a bulk price change. For example, if we were to attempt a price increase on the 16th of January, the price increase will not take effect until the 1st of March, as the 1st of February invoices have already been generated at the old price.

drapeau_vert.pngSTEP 1 

From the management exports page, select the Club Life category, and then Renewal Amounts. You can get to the Management Exports page from the sidebar when in the Management view.


You will then see this window. Select the date of when you would like the price change to take effect, then select the club for the export. If you are a multi-site club, we would recommend doing the export for one site at a time rather than selecting “All Clubs”, as this can result in formatting issues. The button for “Allow the change in amount before the end of the commitment period” should be left blank.


Once these settings are configured, click “Validate” and then see All Exports. You will then be taken to the All Exports screen, and your newest export should be at the top of the list. Download and open the file in Excel.


drapeau_vert.pngSTEP 2

Fill in the “New Price” column of the spreadsheet.

This will be column “I”. If no amount is entered, there will be no change in the member’s price. Only edit the amount in the new price column, and do not change any information in any of the other columns.

drapeau_vert.pngSTEP 3

Save the new file, and send it to Xplor Gym.

If you have a key account manager, you can send this file to them, and then they will inform the support team who can begin the process of implementing the new prices for the following invoice period. If not, don’t worry. You can just start a new ticket with our Xplor Gym support team via supportuk@resamania.com


The file must be an Excel File in the format provided by the Renewal Amounts export. Do not change the formatting of this spreadsheet, and do not use any formulae. It is imperative that no other boxes are edited other than those in the “New Price” column, as having to reformat the spreadsheet could present the risk of the price increase being unsuccessful resulting in errors and delay.

Remember, our 1st Line software support team are available to help with any difficulties encountered during this process. Should you be unsure about any step in this article, please feel free to reach out to supportuk@resamania.com who would be more than happy to help you with your query.


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