FAQ - Connection problems with the member area

  • My member cannot access the member area, what can be done?

1_green_circle.pngChecking the URL provided to members

Please check the URL provided to members is correct : the URL is in the form of https://member.uk.resamania.com/clienttoken/.

To know your clienttoken, take your usual Resamania Back office address.

For example, https://app.resamania.uk.com/paulinefitness/  . In this example, paulinefitness  is the clienttoken of my URL. To connect to the member area, the members should go to the following address https://member.uk.resamania.com/paulinefitness/ 

While checking if I realize that the URL provided to my members is wrong, I have to resend the right URL to the member or to all members going through one - shot communications.

2_green_circle.pngChecking the member's email address

If the URL is right, the second checking to be done is the member's email address. The email address has to exist in Resamania back office. To check faster that the email address is properly provided on the member file, I go to the list of members in the menu Management then I type the email address in the filters. To access the filters, please click on "Filter".

If there is a result, that is because the address is duly  provided, if not it means that I have to go to the member file and update their email address or notify them about the email address which was given when subscribing.


3_green_circle.pngTest with your email address

If the member has a member file and use the right email address, please change their email address for yours on the member file. Then, connect to the member area with your email address. If you can connect directly, it means that the problem comes from the member.


Make sure you use an address which is not already used with a staff account otherwise there may be a data conflict and it still will not work.

4_green_circle.pngIf none of the first tracks works, contact Resamania assistance.

  • My members cannot define or reset their password ( problem of email reception or error message)


During this period of resumption of the clubs and the software, the module Smartmessaging is heavily used, then there may be about fifteen minutes between the moment when the email is sent and the moment when it is received by the member.



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