Overview: Stats Tools and Figures 🔍

To find out how to find the figures, information, lists or statistics I need in Resamania, several possibilities exist and are detailed in this article...

A_SAVOIR.JPGNeed key figures without too much digging and directly visible?

The dashboard is the most suitable. It shows your club's key indicators and their trends club and their trend in the form of a graph, for example. You just have to activate the indicators I need from its settings. To find out more about the dashboard and how it works, check HERE.



A_SAVOIR.JPGNeed a list of specific information that can be accessed quickly?

The lists in the Clients, Entries and Financial Data menus can do the trick. Indeed, they are clearly visible in the software They are clearly visible in the software and offer numerous filter possibilities. You can even export them in Excel format.



On some lists (Invoices, Payments, Sales, Memberships and Packs) an insert 'Summary' will be seen just below the filters and will enable to access statistics of the list like the number of elements or the total amount that the list shows when it is relevant.



A_SAVOIR.JPGNeed a table for detailed stats or documents for my accountant?

Management exports can be output in CSV and PDF format. They are adapted to a precise and detailed management (accounting theme for example) but can also be used for other purposes if you need detailled information. 


A_SAVOIR.JPGNeed a list of information for which I have chosen the different criteria and columns presented?

The ad hoc communication module is best suited for this. By accessing it from Smartmessaging, you can then establish a list of criteria and filter your entire customer base to obtain a list of to obtain a list of precise results that meet these criteria. The other advantage The other advantage: you determine the layout of the columns in the table.


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