October Release

Financial Dashboard

Continuing Xplor's strategy of turning pains to gains, we continue with the production of our must have Dashboards. This month we have rolled out the much anticipated Financial Dashboard, which provides a clear breakdown of club revenue, average sales, invoice generation, product sales as well as successful offers.

Learn all about how the figures are calculated in the help centre article.




Message Board Links

When engaging with your team, it's sometimes useful to provide links to articles and websites of interest. We've made some improvements to the Homepage Message Board, so any web address is now presented as a link.



Invoice Permissions

Following an increase in support incidents and confusion around Invoice management, additional flxibility has been added to user permissions. This means you can now specify the permissions that are open to staff for specifically cancelling or refunding credit notes. These actions were previously managed by a single parameter. 

If you require permission groups changing, do not hesitate to contact the support team.


Limit the number of QR codes

The function to limit the number of entry passes a member had was previously limited to RFID cards/wristbands. Now any QR codes assigned to a member are also included in this limitation figure. If you want to add a limitation of entry passes, our helpful support team can resolve that for you.


Managing your stock across multiple sites

The Stock Management page in Xplor Gym allows you to see the global stock level for all your products. It was only when you drilled down into individual product items did you see the split of stock across sites. To improve the enterprise management of your stock and identify gaps in your stock provision, we've introduced a new tab on the Stock page called stock by club.

This tab displays all stock items for all clubs but also includes our smart search and filtering capabilities to find exactly what you're looking for. 




Mandate Management

Having all a members information at your fingertips is a great benefit when trying to answer member questions. Especially when it comes to payment queries. However we also recognise that you may not want your staff to have too much privilege when it comes to payment information. Consequently, staff permissions can now be managed in finer detail when it comes to managing a members DD mandate. For example viewing a mandate but not deactivating or creating a new mandate.


Blocking online payments

Some Customers had identified the need to prevent online payments being made at a member level. The use cases included situations when the club wished to speak to the member about their debt or when their debt had been passed to a 3rd party debt recovery agency.

Consequently, we've now added a feature to prevent members from paying through the member area. This can be easily managed in the Member Actions section of the Member Profile.





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